Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Smell Hamburgers!

I smell hamburgers grilling and I want to know when they will be ready!
We will just sit here and drool until they are done.........


  1. Adorable....and their ribbon collars are so pretty....we have a big hunk of chocolate lab who gets the same look whenever he sees daddy lighting the grill.

    I have an OMG! question.....I ordered the scissor fob from shepherd's bush and it arrived....and Jennifer what was I thinking! This is not aida it is LINEN....yikes! I am panicking, Did I bite off more than I should have? How do I even begin....but I am determined to be a big girl and move on from janlynn and this is it...time to begin. The hubs is gonna take a pic of the kit for my blog and I will start it tomorrow. Scarey :)How long have you been stitching on linen and was it hard to get used to?


  2. Love the photos. :) It does look like they are being so patient waiting for those burgers. :)


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