Friday, August 14, 2009

New Workshop Finished today!

We finally got the workshop built and delivered today. We have waited so long for this. It looks just like a miniversion of our house. We are so pleased with it. It has rafters inside at the top for extra storage and use.
Of course I can picture some flower pots at the bottom of the windows but let's not get too feminine is for a guy; however, we will put our big copper star on the left end of it tomorrow. I gave this huge copper star to Bodyguard last anniversary as for the 7th one you give something copper. It's been put away for this day.
The first company we got to build never showed up after 4 weeks and we literally had to stop payment on a check. Then we found someone else comparable and to me it looks much better.
They painted the wood siding just like the house.
He will put his tools and workbenches in here. Maybe, I can convince him to make me some wood frames one day for my stitching projects!
Off to finishing up some chores and then finishing the Empty Nest design by The Sampler Girl and will post it tonight.
Till later at midnight for a post on my stitching progress, Stay cool and safe.......


  1. Wow! That is one gorgeous workshop....yay bodyguard :) Of course as soon as I began to read the post I assumed it would be a framing and craft workshop for one lady of the house :) I love the colors, especially the red roof, I can imagine your house is also gorgeous.

    Thanks for the picture and congratulations on the achievement :)


  2. Thanks so much! We were so happy to see it finaly came today.
    He just has alot of tools and guy stuff hanging around in different places so he can concisely put them where he can find them and put his workbench in there. He doesn't really make frames but I know he could because he is good at measuring straight edges and stuff like that.


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