Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ebay or the Bay of Evil reviews of frame stores

I picked this up today and started The Empty Nest by The Sampler Girl. Man, I've ordered I think every one she has so I thought I would get this one done as well. I changed out the ecru color to a light teal, Dove actually, and it will contrast well with the birds which are Deep Sea.
The saying is so cute.

The mounting boards I use

Ever since Deb called Ebay the Bay of Evil, I think about it every time I go to Ebay. Its gives me something to laugh about! You know Ebay is either really good or not so good.

With trial and error I've found some great used patterns, threads, linen including R and R reproductions, etc, frames, on Ebay.
The frame stores through Ebay I found to be good are :

Custom Framing Factory Outlet
Maintained by:
tabby7 ( 22024)
Custom framing and custom matting here at factory prices. We can save you hundreds of dollars compared to your local custom frame shops. Thanks for making 2008 our best year ever, stay tuned for many more offerings in 2009. The Frame GuysWelcome to The Frame Guys store on Ebay! We have a wide selection of frames with glass, including modern, contemporary, rustic, country, distressed, and more. We also have wide variety of finishes, like mahogany, black, white, oak, walnut, and more. Thanks, and we appreciate your business!Now over ten years here on Ebay, custom making your special sized frames.

Which I ordered the last 2 at 10.99 each, 7 inch square, including glass, solid wood frame, Americana, and hanger included which I thought was a good deal.

After I had my Quaker Christmas one framed last year at .......well lets say at a discount for 170.o0, and after I got over the shock of it, and my husband picked me up off the floor from the shock, I swore I would try my best to frame my own in the future. And these frames are just as good. Not saying anything bad about where I got it framed because I was pleased but oh my goodness, what a savings if you can do your own! I couldn't afford that every time I finished one.

I use the matting board here in the picture picked up at Hobby Lobby. I usually get me several sizes when I'm there and hubby cuts to size with a knife---it just makes him feel manly or something....LOL , just joking. It's acid free and the stickiness is enough to stretch your linen, but at the same time lift and rearrange if needed. Then I lace it in the back. It includes the brads which are already in the frame and you just bend them after you lace and put in and WALAA there you have one done.
Now, the advantage to professional framing is paying extra for UV light protection in the glass. I am glad I got that option with the Quaker Christmas one as it took a whole year to stitch and it's in a part of my family room that gets light daily. I wouldn't know how to add that feature by myself. I guess I could rub a number 30 sunblock on it or something but.........that probably would be a little redneck, so I think I'll stick to holding my breath and framing the smaller ones myself. LOL

The other Ebay Store is:

The Frame Guys

Welcome to The Frame Guys store on Ebay! We have a wide selection of frames with glass, including modern, contemporary, rustic, country, distressed, and more. We also have wide variety of finishes, like mahogany, black, white, oak, walnut, and more. Thanks, and we appreciate your business!

This is the one where I got the New Amsterdam Frame for ? amount but it was comparable. Now I would have reordered from these guys but they did not carry 7 inch square frames and I so happen to find the first one above. Their quality is just as good. Very well shipped, padded, and very pleased. They will make you do a happy dance when the mail comes. The shipping is a little high at 9.99 but each one additional is no xtra cost ( I think) or maybe 1.00 or something. Anyway, still better than taking to a framing store.
Have fun looking through Ebay tonight!


  1. Thank you so much for the name of the ebay frame person. Finding odd size frames is always hard. And I'm with you about the prices of Mi*&#&l's, and the like.

    As for the sticky boards. I'm sure you have heard all the horror stories about them. Or will. :) But I too use them. Only now I have found at Joanns ones that state acid free and I will often add a thin layer of batting between my stitching and the stickiness.

    Thanks again.

  2. I almost didn't recognize your blog this morning! It's looked two different ways since I logged in! Change is good! First off thanks so much for posting the framing places you've found on Ebay! I am definitely going to look at those later. That place surely is the Bay of Evil, but sometimes you can find good things (problem is I find too many good things - LOL). My DH just about divorced me with my last Joanne's order and made the comment that he thought I was doing my own now! Oh well, he'll get over it. I'm starting to become addicted to your Sampler Girl pieces. Never bought any, but I think I'm going to have to look into them. Your finishes are always so great - you've enabled me!

  3. Hey Kathy, I haven't heard the horror stories about the boards but please share with me so I will be cautious!

    Hey Deb, I did order alot this past year from Tanya and I like her designs. They blend very well into my home decor and are just so pretty to me. Some of them are really quick finishes which are nice in between those bigger ones.
    Her Literary Littles section has really sweet sayings on them.
    Of course if you like Jane Austen, she has alot of those designs and historial samplers. Check out her site. I think she is on vacation now through the end of month, according to her website, but you can still check it out, The Sampler Girls' Blog, will lead you to her website for ordering.
    See, I'm enabling you again :0


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