Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diagnosis-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome secondary to Website Crash

I'm going to bed soon and try to forget the carpal tunnel syndrome that I have in my right wrist now from clicking and formating my template and rearranging the components of my blog. At one point tonight, I thought I had lost the entire blog. I still don't know what happened today initially to start the confusion but I guess the template changed more than 10 times today! Let's cross my fingers that this stays and doesn't all shift to the left and look like garble again tomorrow.

The day has been long and many things have cut into good stitching time! BUT, the good news is that I'm off tomorrow and hope to get some things done. It's my catch-up day.

Fresh blueberry cobblers tonight. Fresh tomatoes and mozarella cheese on thick slices of sour dough bread too.
Goobledegook is cooking in the slow cooker-----that is a meat and whatever is in the pantry and in the refrig. LOL
Hope you are having a good evening,


  1. Your new layout looks awesome! I love it :) Hope you had a good nite's sleep and enjoy your day off.

  2. Thanks, Karyn! I woke up at 7am! but dozed again until 9 so I'm reading through my blogs before I attend other stuff today.

  3. Mmmm ... wish I'd been at your house for supper.


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