Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Morning

Just got up and reading through my bloggers lovely stitching blogs. I opened my mail this morning to get this note from Body Guard:

good morning Mrs. Dalenberg I did not disturb you because I know you needed the sleep. I still love you though. I don't think they will try to deliver the shed today, it didn't dry out the ground enough. I'll be thinking about you all day....

Isn't that sweet? That was the best way to wake up this morning.
My to-do list grows and not only do I need a rotation process to get all my WIPS done but also my household cleaning and laundry. One room at a time. My problem is when I'm cleaning one room, I find something that goes into another room, and then I get distracted in that room, and on and on until nothing is accomplished. So, today, I'm aiming at more focus. I know they make Ritalin for this but I decline!!!! LOL

Happy Thursday!


  1. The bodyguard sounds like a sweetie. Hope that your wrist feels better and your blog is looking great. If you were having problems yesterday though, I think Blogger was having it's own problems too - may have been part of the problem.

  2. Yep, glad that is over.
    and he is sweet to me, stubborn at times, but sweet.

  3. What a sweet hubbie! What a sweet note!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    hugs, Lnda

  4. What a sweet thing to do. :) The Bodyguard sounds like a keeper for sure.

    Good luck getting your chores done so you can stitch. I hope you are able to stick to a rotation. I use it and it really does work. The only time I go off is when I am working on a deadline for an exchange. :)

    Enjoy your day off.


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