Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good morning, Saturday!

Good morning, everyone! Today is chock full of plans to be with my honey. We have a few things to take care of local and then, we are going up to Hawaisee to the Dogwood Patch for a few threads I need (of course) and chat with Terrie the owner. This will also include a lunch at one of our most favorite restaurants that has down-home country cooking!
When I get back tonight, back to cleaning out closets. I started that last night as well and the purging of my closets is settling my mind..........
Have a blast of a Saturday today!


  1. Did you have a good time? What new goodies did Terrie tempt you with? I actually got some stitching done today. But I have a sick Buttercup. When we go to Blairsville, we always eat at Michaelee's. They have the best salads. Even their kids' spaghetti is good! Jerry and I always wind up snitching some of the girls'!

  2. OOH, yes, it's like a candy store there. I love looking through all the patterns even though I have alot to do already, but you know how it is. My favorite thing in that store is the mother of pearl scissors made by Sajou for 94.00 a pair. I will never be able to afford them but I always like to look through the cabinet at them!
    Oh, I girl can dream!!!!
    I hope Buttercup feels better soon :(
    I know we haven't met in person but one day maybe we will since we live so close anyway and you seem to be such a cool person!



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