Monday, August 10, 2009

A Monday morning and a Framed Old Finish

In the mornings we have to get Ren out of his blanket to go out and do his business before we kennel him while at work. He had the right idea here to just tuck his head back in the blanket and keep snoozing. He will be 16 soon. He is very antisocial in the mornings but oh, my from supper onward does he whine for any and everything to eat. He had Pizza tonight.
Here are the Twiggs Minatures from The Scarlett Letter

Framed one tonight-the linen is actually more golden yellow than this photo shows.

And the second matching frame ready for me to finish when I complete the second one. At 1 over 1 that may be awhile.

Well, long, long, ago as the story goes in a land far away.......just joking, I finished 1 of the Sarah Twiggs Samplers by The Scarlett Letter. Part 1 and part 2 are framed separately. The website shows the originals in a much whiter background than the actual material that came kitted in this pack. I used the silk floss that was kitted by The Scarlett Letter. I ran out of 3 colors and just notified the website owner and she gladly sent more.

From the Scarlett Letter website is this description quoted ~~~

The Twiggs Minatures, circa 1800

Genuine miniature samplers - not fragments of larger pieces or excerpts from full-size samplers - are relatively rare. The most common sort feature either monochromatic alphabetic and numeric tests, or else a simple short, sentimental verse. The former type, sometimes called "plain work," usually originated in a working class environment where young girls learned the means of self support. Small samplers like this were sometimes bound into small volumes, and today are more often found individually rather than in their original book format. The related pair of miniature samplers reproduced here are very unusual in that they are neither alphabetic exercises nor presentation (gift) pieces. Worked in cross stitch over one thread of linen, Sarah Twigg's totally symmetrical floral sampler has a finely worked vining border reminiscent of a painted border on a china plate. The other sampler, by "LT" (possibly a younger sister) is worked in cross stitch over two threads of linen. Both samplers were found together, in matching period (circa 1800) reeded frames, suggesting their filial connection. Both samplers are included in the kit, along with silk embroidery floss.

from The Scarlett Letter website at

The colors for both flow very well together. I finished the first one a year ago and 1/3 of the 2nd one. The 2nd (1st pic) one was completely 1 over 1 and I got eye strain so I put it down to pick up others. Also ran into the problem of finding matching frames and I thought they measured for 6 inch square frames ; however, I ordered 6 inch frames 6 months ago and low and behold, they fit 7 inch frames! I found them through a framing service that sales on Ebay for really good deals. Solid wood frames, any kind of style, color or width of frame for really inexpensive. They come with the glass and hanger if you want to use the glass and for alot of mine I put the glass in.

Well, anyway, I came to use the 6 inch frames for other finishes and just last week found 7 in square Walnut colonial frames which came in the mail today. Same company on Ebay but now offering more sizes. I absolutely can't believe the low prices, fast shipping and the high quality.
I framed the first one tonight and tried to get good pictures but kept getting light flashing off the glass. I really like them alot. This means I just must work some on this second one so I can hang as a pair in my family room. 1 over 1 just wears me out though.

I'm torn between starting a LHN work Heart of America vs. the Twiggs one, vs. another one of the many I got from Tanya, vs. the Prairie Schooler one I got from Michelle! Oh, so little time!

I'm going to have to probably rotate these out. But that requires organization ......LOL I digress.....

Oh, Michelle....hmmmm.......I thought about you tonight when Body Guard was cutting that matting board for me tonight.......I showed him the pic of your table cloth and he said "WOHO" LOL

see Michelle's blog at The Striped Rose..............

Hope you all have a great Monday evening!



  1. You sound good this evening, my friend, your little guy is so sweet, my Teagan is a burrower and sleeps just like Ren.

    Your framed sampler is so lovely....oh boy 1 over 1, you were just saying that was hard...LOL. I can't wait to see the 2nd piece when it is finished....I seem to be learning all sorts of new things from you, missy, and I have discovered a whole new fun world of toys!

    Thanks :)

  2. Awwwwwwww, Ren looks so comfy.

    The little framed sampler is lovely. The frame is perfect. As for the second one, since it is over one and hard to do why don't you try doing it for a short amount of time each day? Or maybe a rotation of the three projects you mentioned? I try to do that. Two days on each and the seventh is free to work on whatever or start another. :)

    By the way if you don't mind my asking, who is the ebay frame seller? I would like to check it out.


  3. Those are both great patterns. And your framing is really great. I'd love to know the Ebay seller of the frames, as I now am trying to my own framing too - saves a lot of money.

  4. hey, I put the information in my next post so that you could check out their Ebay stores. I think it save alot of money. Alot, alot of money! The mounting boards are from 1.99-7.99 each depending on size.
    Thanks, Kathy for the rotation advice. I may have to do that.


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