Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sewing notions and other maladies for the mind

Our stitchy day included a trip to Hawaisee and to our usual stores, or I should say, my usual stores. My honeybuns goes to other guy stores and drops me off at the strip mall of artsie stores there in Hawaisee, including the Dogwood Patch/cross stitch store. I went for 2 colors of Weeks Dye....hmmm....... yeah, right, that's all...... but couldn't resist a few other threads while there to finish the Blue House Sampler by the Sampler Girl and Terrie was having a 65% off of some odd cuts of linen so I grabbed a few of those for my stash. That was a great deal!

Needed some needles so I picked me up 3 little needles. I almost, almost tried those petite ones, the shorter needles, but I think I like to have more to hang onto when stitching so I got the regular ones. Sorry that you have to turn your head sideways for this pic, I tried my best to get it to flip around.....LOL I guess others will think you are just being particularly sweet while you are reading today.....LOL

Here are the Crescent Colors for the Blue House Sampler by the Sampler Girl along with the Vintage Exemplar linen. The colors are beautiful! I love the names of the colors, like Wavy Navy, and so forth.........
And then, by this time the Bodyguard had done all his shopping at the Home Depot and whatever other guy stores he found, and came to pick me up but, I had only been to one store so he sat patiently and waited for me to peruse another Artworks store where there were a variety of homemade goodies from woodwork, to quilts, needleart, jewelry---all local designers.
I picked up 2 cotton crocheted kitchen dishcloths and they were giving away free some wonderful smelling soap rose petals. The rose petal soaps will look beautiful in my bathroom.

And then off to the antique store there we always go to. I found these sewing notions in 2 groups bagged up for a really low price, so low it was unbelieveable. The bags were chock full of needles for pinkeeps, and small mother of pearl buttons and other goodies.

And of course the Quilt Store conveniently located by the Dogwood Patch has the most lovely of Confederate Period Fabrics and I got a few fat quarters in Dutchy colors.

We ate our lunch at Daniels restaurant, where they have a wonderful buffet of fried chicken, brussel sprouts, peas and rice, fresh corn, and stewed tomatoes and okra, cornbread and desserts. Not including a big salad bar. Excellent sweet tea as well. If you go to Hawaisee Georgia, you must try it. And if you are a Gone With the Wind fan, you will also see displays of dolls, pics, oil paintings of "miss scarlett" and "Rhett" all over the restaurant!

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  1. What an awesome day! I am loving your stash, yay for you! :) Have I mentioned that my two favorite places in the whole world are Savannah and oldest friend lives in Kennesaw ;)

    I'm so glad that you and the hubs had such a nice and mine made a Costco happy place :)


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