Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nesting this week

This week went by so fast-- I can't tell you how fast for me. Every day was full of adventures. If you read back a few posts, on my day adventure where I encountered a beautiful peacock walking down the road......I had passed through a city with Hobby Lobby.......a New large Hobby Lobby!  I got lost in it and think hubbie met back with me about 3 times before I finally pulled myself out of there. I got lost in the beads and charm section for 1 hour. Then lost myself in the framing dept for 1 hour.
And when you live in the boonies, it's like candy in a candystore.

Hobby Lobby has some good frames and then again, some knicked up so you have to really watch what ya get. But at half price for open back frames, it's a deal hard to find.

Here are the beauties waiting for samplers:

and then this one was a bargain indeed. It was half of half of half.

for this:

Then this one:

an 8 x 10

and then my findings yesterday at a thrift store for 1.00...yep 1.00

2 wooden ovals, no nicks, or scratches. There was one messed up glass and I tossed that out.

the back

And got this little one to put something in for a keychain this week:

I was hoping a small one over one monogram but we'll see.

I have a propensity for lockets to wear and this one has always been dear to me. Had it for 20 years. Open it many times.

Oh, how I wouldn't give this up for anything in the world!

Hope you are having a great Mother's Day!

I am busy with redecorating an upstairs bedroom and making room on the basement office for a wooden bookcase I got yesterday for my many, many books. I have the perfect spot for it already, just got to make a path to move it there!!! LOL  There is no telling what I'll run into in boxes as I'm cleaning out and making room.....I guess a bit of nesting today.


  1. Great frames - I love the 8x10!

    Your locket is lovely - I'm wearing one right now!

  2. You seriously get the best deals!


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