Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today I~~~

counted my blessings to and from work

saw the rain and then the sunshine which brightened the day even if it was looking out the window

worked long and hard trying to fix.......

wished cell phones were banned due to less accidents and just plain courtesy

cut fabric pieces for future projects and the Shoppe

got an email from some strange person in Kenya who said they wanted to run away from their wicked stepmom and they would pay me 9 million dollars to take way....empty nest is great.

saw a Wolf spider on the back porch within 1 foot of my foot and screamed yelled--Body Guard knew it was a spider......he can tell that kind of call.

decided that poo paper cleaning is my next hobby, unfortunately

got my mailing out ready and then ran out of tape to tape the packages--Why does that always happen?

longed for even 15 minutes of stitching time but no time today or yesterday, I'm in withdrawals now--is there an AA for stitchers?

met our new neighbors on a pet stroll with Miss Abbie again--they don't understand why I don't have the energy to go on yard sale excursions on Sat mornings at 7am

watched Abbie get vicious with people trying to poke and play with her and so embarrassed

considered calling the Dog Whisperer from TV to fix my dogs with personality disorders, as if I could!

ate Ramen noodles for supper on the run and now craving something sweet

felt the urge to go into Walmart but relented, thank goodness

saw the face of a young woman who had been hurt badly and it broke my heart too

drove to work without getting a speeding ticket

watched my hubbie eat chuncky soup with sausage and about gagged

cleaned out the refrigerator and hoped Mr or Mrs. Bear does not like leftover ham salad

wished to be Samantha on Bewitched and wiggle my nose to get the house clean--I would be wiggling alot

looked forever for Mansfield Park sampler pattern that I know I have deep in my stash......didn't find it yet

wondered if I ever would sleep 8 hours regularly again

read about boundaries and learned alot........again.

wondered why I love fabric so much but can't get the courage to quilt

Was told by someone every day this week, "You look tired"

I am tired. But the weekend is almost here. Thank goodness!

Do you have weeks like this?

I hope to get a numb butt this weekend and do nothing but stitch to make up for this week.


  1. I think moms always look tired. From the first trimester of the first pregnancy on...

    I haven't stitched since March. I am having serious withdraws!

  2. I do, but not often ...I got tired just reading your post :)

    Hugs, Peaches
    Ma TK

  3. Oh yes Jennifer. Lots of weeks. Like you I have forgotten what 8 straight hours sleep is. :) I am lucky for 5 and usually it is only 4 to 4 and a half. :(

    I hope you are able to squeeze in some stitching time today before the withdrawals get too bad. :)

  4. Wolf spiders...I'd have run away screaming too! I don't think I'd be able to live in any woodsy area...too scared of spiders and bears!

  5. Oh I so wish for a twitchy nose as well!! Perhaps then we could slow time down and sneak in extra stitching too!


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