Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Around the house......

Here's Abbie first thing in the morning. She does her own housekeeping. She has already pottied and rolled it up from the other end of her kennel and put it in the bed for housekeeping to pick up!  Thanks, Abbie.

Ren is happy with his grits and eggs for supper. He has several twister positions during his meals. LOL
It's really not too funny because he is getting old but he still enjoys eating and then he curls up and sleeps.
He definitely has his hair all loved off at this point.

The very first rose from our rose garden. BG put it in a bud vase and gave it to me on Mother's Day.

I put it in the kitchen window.
As you can see it's a dreary, rainy, cool day here in North Georgia.

Supper is done and now for some reading and stitching.
Hope your day went well too.


  1. awww, cuuute puppy pictures!

  2. Love how Abbie took care of her business! LOL

    Poor little Ren. Breaks my heart. As long as he doesn't hurt, just keep feeding and loving on him. You're a good momma.


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