Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kitting up Abigail sampler

Abbie is warming where BG was sitting. She likes to sit in his chair next to me and watch me stitch until she lays her head down to sleep for a few minutes.

She gets almost asleep.....and then.....

She wonders "Really, a sampler with MY name on it?"

Oh, she is just trying to keep me company while I am stitching on a sampler and
kitting a sampler, which has her name in it, Abigail.
Heartstring Samplery

Yep, it's kitted now with floss and fabric in the Needlework Stand  and ready for that mojo to come back.

But, in between running up and down the stairs I have worked on this

and about to get to the heart motif which reminds me of this:

 the sweetest companion and unconditional love.


  1. Abbie sure is cute! Whatever would we do without our furbabies?

  2. Abbie is a darling!! She has a great personality that just shows through her face.

  3. Love both those projects!!! I am intrigued by the pierce my heart one. Is this from the Sampler Girl? Did I miss it? The new Heartstring Sampler one is so gorgeous!!

    Abby looks like a very dear companion.

  4. hey Laura,

    Yes, I should have put that down there. It was a freebie that she put in one of my orders and it's called Letters to Anne and a quote from the novel Persuasian.


  5. Some progress...nice beginning. And I start things on the computer all the time late at night, when I'm tired and don't have the patience I should. I looked for the With My Needle "Heartstring Sampling" that you pictured - it's not on her website. I love it! Did I misread the name or designer? Keep stitching!


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