Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some call it lunchtime.......

Most people carry bags for lunch.....Me?

I carry one of several ---and I mean several---size bags,
 but with this instead:

Let me pull out what I stitched so far on The Letter to Anne, by the Sampler Girl, inspired from the Jane Austen novel Persuasian.

Yesterday, one of our lovely medical students who are always so nice and leave gifts to us, left us all these which I do not know the name, or how to make but I will be looking. She had them all wrapped in 3's in green cellophane and I ate one of mine then and well, this morning, another. They taste like cheesecake on top of an oreo......

That's the bottom and juicy it is. Quite rich but for breakfast a nice treat.
Well, no poptarts this morning.

And when I got home yesterday from work, I slept until this morning at 8:30am so I must be worn out I would say. I think I briefly remember BG bringing me a beef pot pie while I raised my head on the sofa, otherwise, that was it. So no stitching time last night.

And looking out at the cloudy rainy day ....and cold, I think I will just cover up my head and go back to bed again.


  1. The treat looks yummy and I really like the stitching piece!

  2. Lovely stitching :)
    Cloudy here - rain coming in later ... trying to work and stay awake! This weather makes ya so tired.


  3. What a yummy looking treat! I wanted to stay in bed today, but had to get the boys out the door to school!

  4. Beautiful piece Jennifer! That bag holds a treasure much better than lunch!

    And that cookie thing looks amazing. Drool!

    I hope you're getting plenty of rest.

  5. I'll bet that was cheesecake on top of that. I make those little delights, but use vanilla wafers or chocolate wafers - never thought of using an Oreo. I love Oreo's so maybe next time.

    Cold and rainy today too. Was a good day to take a nap, but I never did.

  6. Your stitching looks gorgeous. And my lunch bag is pretty similar. :)


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