Saturday, May 15, 2010

While cleaning upstairs......Miss Abbie lounges in a .....

I've been upstairs cleaning and re-nesting.

And so has a suitcase. : O

When I came downstairs, which also needs attention, I found Miss Abbie my suitcase which I had a few things leftover to unpack . I know that's a long time, but the month has been a constant go and I intended to finish it today.

One time we found her on top of a zipped up suitcase, like it was her bed.
But now, she prefers to suggest a trip maybe?  her aloneness is pitiful while I'm upstairs. I have not taken her up there for fear she will want to learn to climb all 15 stairs which are steep and that would be unsafe.

So, I had to snap a pic of her lounging here in my suitcase while I took a double take as I came down the stairs. She wants to make sure she goes on the next trip. And she will, in the car to Chicago!


  1. I think Abbie just wants to make sure she's not left behind! She's so cute!

  2. She hopped in the suitcase so she could come see Auntie Parsley!


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