Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New Day

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts sent our way. I feel peace this morning and energy to move on now. I slept better last night and quite long at that too. I have many things to start on this morning, projects that me and hubbie were planning. I am in the middle of redecorating an upstairs bedroom and it's so far looking good with just a few simple changes such as the new window shades and pillows to match from Country Curtains. A simple solid cotton blanket and new sheets and rearranging the furniture. I seem to rearrange furniture when under stress or is that  woman thing? I guess it 's like re-nesting.
And guess what? With the Dutchy theme and folklore, you know there will be a sampler wall somewhere in that room!

Here's is a swatch of the rollup heavy cloth blinds for the two windows:

This is from the actual website itself. When I finish the room, I'll put a couple of pics of it.
Bodyguard is going to make some plain wood cornice boards to top the windows, which I love and my friend Dot has in her house. I think they will make a perfect spot for small samplers, pillowkeeps, etc.
I know the pattern looks pretty "busy" but the rest of the room will be mostly neutral.

I already have a few stitchy pieces in that room but now that the decor is a little different  and because the sampler would look lovely in this room, I ordered Open Windows by The Sampler Girl to stitch because it will fit so good in there. This  pic is from her webshop and scoot over there to see her other new designs here

I can't sit still today, or otherwise I would be stitching and finishing up Letters to Anne sampler. So, along with playing with Miss Abbie and continueing to tweak and finish the upstairs bedroom, I think I have plenty to keep my mind busy today.

I hope you have a great Saturday. Here the weather is quite humid and warm. I can tell summer is starting now. You just never know when a shower will pop up here now.
Till later,


  1. Glad to see this post. Smiling your way...

  2. Jen - I love, love, love that fabric you're using for your window treatments!!! I can't wait to see the finished result.

    You move furniture when you're under stress - I dump the contents out of closets and rearrange. Whatever gets you through the stress, right? Have a great weekend!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep busy!!! The fabric you picked is interesting. And yes, that design will look great in that room! I am certainly planning to purchase it myself in the near future.

    Keep smilin' :D


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