Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vintage buttons and Prim large felt candle jackets added to the Nest Feathers Shop

This is a sample of 4 batches available

Also the candle warmers in felt for large candles!

Click on the icon for the Nest Feathers shop on the right column of this blog to take a peek.

I'm up at 2am because after a great night of feasting at the Mexican restaurant late and a good margarita, I took a snooze for about 4 hours. This threw off my sleep definitely!  Up at 12 midnight and about to wind down again.

For everyone who has ordered from the shop and also Kat, who won the Heart of America used chart, and all the Easter goodies I will send to my sweets, I will be making a run to the post office tomorrow as well.

I thank you so much and hope by the weekend of Spring cleaning the house I can rest with my needle and thread again. I'm ready for some Spring flower stitching and sampler makeing. I think This Too Shall Pass has passed. I'm "over it" as they say. I'm glad it's past!!!

I've been spoiled this past 2 weeks and haven't cooked a thing. But Body guard insists I need rest and that a Staycation doesn't involve cooking and washing dishes.....I love that about him!
I got alot accomplished today and plan tomorrow to work more as I am now in the thread sorting know that feeling when you haven't put your threads back into places after projects for some time.
That is one thing I do is file my threads and overdyes go onto thread rings in alphabetical order.
I know it's a Virgo thing. ;)
Plus, I can't have Abbie and Ren running through the house with DMC and overdyes hanging on them!

Then Miss Abbie will be going to the vet for stitches out tomorrow. Then she will be free to roam the house and run and play a little harder. She's a bit with cabin fever right now, but oh, so spoiled.........

On a sad note, I received an email from Sandy in New Jersey yesterday that her husband died Sunday night and I feel so bad for her right now.She says they were married 37 years. I wanted to fly there and give her a great big hug but I can't.
Please pray for her through this troubling time.
Sandy J. is the sweet, sweet lady that sent me so many goodies, patterns, homemade neck warmer she knitted, and books, CDs. Oh she has a heart a mile large and it's hard to see it breaking right now.
Sandy we are keeping you in our prayers for sure.

Brandon should be released from debriefing by Friday and I'm so proud and happy for him. I hope he finds happiness in his future.
He also is on my prayer list.

Till later,

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  1. WOW you busy bee. Enjoy the pampering. Pray everything goes well for Abbie and Brandon. Pray Sandy J. can find peace and comfort.


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