Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Abbie is better today, much better

Abbie is much better today. She is eating and pooing again and her incision is not inflamed. I think she took off running too much the other night and yesterday I kept her in her kennel and she rested more.

This morning since she ate her breakfast she is enjoying a treat eagerly on her favorite place in the family room, one of Body Guard's old fleece jackets that she loves to lie on. He gave it to her.

After her treat, back to the kennel and a nap.
She has appointment to get her stitches out Thursday.

Ren on the other hand, found my sorted laundry pile. I knew he got too quiet after his morning cereal and he was found at the laundry pile......inside my Jammie bottoms!
Shhhh....he's happy right now!

This puts off doing laundry now!   YEAH!!!!!

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  1. Ha HA Ha. Ren in your pjs. :)

    Love, love, love Miss Abbie in her little dress. I'm glad she is improving.

  2. Abbie is so nice!! I´m glad she is better!!!

  3. I'm glad to hear that Abbie is feeling much better. She is such a sweetie!!!

  4. I am so happy Abbie is feeling better! And yea, that is a great way to put off the laundry...lol!

  5. I love Abbie's little dress! She looks so cute.

  6. Glad to hear Abbie is better. We have had a time around her with the kittens and their stitches. Ozma's staples pulled through, and she had to get that fixed yesterday! It's always something

  7. I'm so glad that Abbie's doing well post surgery :) aint it grand to see them eating and pooing like normal? Hehe.

    Ren, oh sweet Ren, bless his cute lil' heart!



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