Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just to say good morning to you!

Slept late......again.....but it's great!

It's sunny again and beautiful. I'm enjoying my cup of Joe on the porch on these kinds of days. I watch the Labs come back all wet from a swim in the pond below and they then sun out in the yard.

I love the mountains and right now until the leaves are on the trees especially, we can see most of them.

The mountains are part of my soul. On days when you have to travel to the city, I have to remind myself of this...;)    but on days at home there's no place like it.
It' been so nice not to have to rush to read the news every morning when I wake up or sleep with my laptop and look at the latest casualties on a website. It's like a load has been completely released from my back.
It's a good feeling.

Hope the day in your neck of the woods is a quiet and peaceful one too.

Mighty Mountain

by Dustin Hoffman

As you drive closer to the distant hills.

The larger they get.

It takes many miles to realize what they really are.

You gaze upon them with amazement.

They are tall and bold as they stand mighty in the distance.

You stop at the base and raising your head towards the sky.

The peak is so high up, you have to climb the steep hills.

You can't stop climbing the steep hills after you started.

You stop and look up, you see the peak at barely first.

You stop and look up again, its getting closer.

You want to see the top so bad that you keep going.

The higher you climb, the more tired you get.

You look up again and you see nothing but blue sky and multi-colored hills in the distance.

It takes you a minute to realize that you're at the top.

You keep looking un the distance and only see the beauty of the land.

You're thousands of feet above the sea.

You made it to the top of the Mighty Mountain.


  1. It looks like you're having a wonderful day. I would love to see the mountains when I woke up!! But I think that I should be careful for what I wish for - we may be moving to the mountains - although a more arid temperature region!

    Have a wonderful day Jennifer and a Blessed Easter.

  2. What a lovely way to start each day....hugs, Linda

  3. Great pictures - makes me wish we had a front porch!


  4. I love the mountains! It was hard to leave Flagstaff, AZ in 2001 because I had grown accustomed to the proximity of the Rockies. While I was traveling through VA last fall, I found my way down Shenandoah's Skyline Drive and part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I absolutely fell in love! And if it weren't for the cold and snowy winters, I would probably make my home there.

  5. What a wonderful view! I love your porch!


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