Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Musings

Oh, this Monday I can say I'm relaxed, no stress, just fixing to get ready to get my hair trimmed and sipping away at my morning coffee.

Miss Abbie had to sleep with me last night. She wouldn't eat all day, so a call to the vet for sure. Of course, she eats the dog treats but she is just not eating her dog food.
Ren is having a pissing contest in front of her kennel to show his pleasure with her being home. :0

Body Guard is back to work and I'm off this week on Spring Break. Yep, I'm reversing my life back a little and taking a week off for Spring Break....makes me feel young!

Not much more stitching last night on this.....

But I hope to wrap this one up by the end of the week because I have so many more in line to stitch.

I will be on the hunt for a square frame for this one so thrift store shopping is on the list automatically after I go over to get color/cut. I seem to have a frame in every shape but square right now. And of course a stroll through the quilt store is an automatic as well.

So I best get busy.

Till later,


  1. Beautiful stitching. I hope you enjoy your spring break and I hope sweet Abbie is feeling better.

    I posted on my blog today about the gorgeous giveaway prize you sent me. I hope you got my thank you email last week.


  2. Let us know how Abbie is doing. Does she have fever? Her not eating scares her Auntie P.

  3. I hope you have a great day Jennifer. I love getting my hair done.

    I'm wondering if Miss Abbie is playing games with you not eating her food. My kids do that all the time - can eat the snacks and not the good things. Hopefully that's all it is!!

    Hope you had a great day and found a frame and some fun at the quilt store!

  4. May the Lord cause His Son to shine on your face.

  5. Enjoy the time off.
    Stitching is look fabulous as always

  6. I hope you find the perfect frame!

  7. This Too Shall Pass is looking just lovely, Jennifer :) I love the colors in it and I look forward to seeing it framed!

    Enjoy your Spring break-I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours is :)

    And I hope Miss Abbie is feeling much better-she is such a cutie :)

    (((hugs to you)))

  8. I do hope that Abbie is feeling better! Poor little girl!

    Your piece looks lovely!


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