Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I've banged my head tonight trying to figure out the reason my pics, any pics of any camera or any year when put in the header are turning out humongous(is that a word?)  I check to minimize but it says to 760 pixels. Is that what normal is?  I've gone to the help center and I can't get an  answer. I thought if anyone else had this problem before, what to do? I've never in 3 years had this happen.

Abbie got her stitches out. She can have her lavender bath now and she is back to herself. I'm glad I vacuumed all the dust bunnies cause she is scouring the floors like this is new territory and entertainment for her tonight!

Someone came to fix something at the house today and she has this feminine rough little growl and what a bark she had!  Instead of hair standing up on her back, the long hair behind her ears stands out further...I laughed. She has become a yappy little doggie and stands her guard.

One outing today included the post office! Sunny and 86 degrees registered on the thermometer of the car.
But it's still dry and not humid! 

We had dinner on the back porch tonight. I cooked....WOOHOO!
Fixed boneless hot buffalo wings with honey mustard sauce on the side, green beans,  black-eyed peas, and sour dough bread slices with a glass of Barefoot brand Merlot and water.

Perfect evening if I can get this blogger pic thing to work........hep  me hep me!

Thought I'd share a mail goodie from The Scarlett Letter. Two miniture samplers called the Shepherd and the Shepherdess

I picked DMC floss because I've found with this company I usually run out of whatever is in the kit and it's easier to match DMC than silk.
I love the dark blue velvet which will back the samplers.

Whatcha think?

And to share a couple of other fabbies I had in my stash. I love this fat quarter.

And a quarter yard of this I felt perfect for right now.

 Yellow and pink seem to be the theme this week.

The little pink flower pots are so cute to me.

In fact, I got my purse out from last year and it's yellow and pink too! (nope, I didn't make it)

And I got some Peeps. There's no Easter without Pink Peeps but the Peep detective has found one missing at time of picture-taking.  heeheehehehehee

Got my Easter napkins out for this weekend.

And now that Miss Abbie has her stitches out and back to roaming the house, she can play with her wind-up in motion tweet from Dollar Store. Wind it up and watch her chase it. Fun!

Oops, after winding it up sometimes it goes for the bear toy and she is the blur on the left to get to it.

And ready to play again. Play!  Surgery recovered........well!

Yep, Spring has .......hmmmmm.........sprung.


  1. You might try this:

    Instead of going into your layouts tab to upload your photo for your header, there is a pencil usually right under each post and each widget (sidebar and header) on your blog page when you are viewing your blog. Though this is an item in your settings tab under basic called "show quick editing on your blog", this needs to say "yes" to utilize it. Click on the pencil under your header and try uploading your photo there. (When I do this, my photos usually end up too small).

    Hope this helps. Another possibility is to put the photo in the sidebar widget and then move the widget up to the header location in your layout tab.

  2. Hi Jennifer! Perhaps when uploading your pics the 'large' box was checked in error? Just a thought. I look forward to your posts every single day...



  3. Love the pictures and what a cute doggie. God bless, Lloyd

  4. Go to your header and when you add a pic there should be a little button that says "shrink to fit" or something like that and you need to click that to make it work.x

  5. i'm glad that Abbie is doing better. It would have been funny to see her with the ears! I used to have a sampler kit from The Scarlett Letter. I found it at a yard sale for $2 and decided not to stitch it. That was before "blogland" for me and I sold it on eBay. Now I'm wishing I would have kept it! Thanks for the heads up on running out of threads using their kits. That's a good thing for a girl to know! :) Thanks for all of the wonderful pics you have been sharing of your home. You are a good decorator. If you're ever in Missouri, will you stop by my house! LOL

  6. Love the pictures of Abbie!!! I like your new goodies from the Scarlett Letter. They should be a lot of fun to work on!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. What great goodies!! Love the pics of Abbie! What a trip!


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