Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crash Helmets for Ren--options

Well, it's truly a quiet day when my goal is reading about blind dogs and trying to find Ren something so his head won't bang into things.

At first I thought this was an impossible find but after searching on Ebay I found these options:
(Please don't laugh, we have gotten to this point).

I didn't like this style as it attaches to a shirt and also would be shipped out of the US. So this one is ruled out.

Now this one is called the Zoomer Dog Helmet and here's the inner part and may have a snapvisor for outside......

  the Zoomer Dog Helmet and the Ebay store is:
Dale Hollow Outdoors.

I believe I would get the color in Wet Nose Black
Or the motorcycle helmet here........big choice. 

This is the Gloss Black wild Dogs Motorcycle Beanie Half Helmet and it's made in the USA too.
It's EBay seller is MBG motorcycle gear.

If ya'll think I'm crazy at this point, I'm just laughing with ya!
I learned something new today that there is such a thing as a small chihauahau dog helmet just for blind dogs.
I learn something new every day!

The vet says Ren has dementia which was a no-brainer for me but that he has all the symptoms of it really right now as wondering through the house and trying to find our bedroom and he isn't in pain, we are just trying to keep him safe and warm and happy right now. Whenever he bumps into things he doesn't cry out or whine. I think I'm the one that cringes when he does this and believe me sometimes he gets under some furniture and walks in circles hitting his head alot so I think this will help him out. I'm leaning towards that second one with the chin strap right now.



  1. Aww poor baby! I hope whatever you decide works out!

  2. Ohhh sweetie, poor dear Ren. I think the small Chi helmet sounds perfect for your sweetie. I'm sorry that you are watching him go through this, it must be so hard. It is so not fair that our beloved pets must grow old so much faster than we do.

    Please keep us posted on your decision and Ren :)

  3. Poor baby, how sweet of you trying he doesn't hit his head, he's going to look so cute, how old was he when he become blind?

  4. Okay, the last one kind of scared me! I think you should go with the one made specifically for Chis - I'd be afraid that some of the others might be too heavy and then he wouldn't be able to lift his little head!

    Let us know what you decide!


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