Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Abbie says.......

Hey, it's me Abbie again!

Well it all started when Mama brought me out on the front porch swing after supper. This is new for me! I'm an inside doggie! Well, she was resting from running all day and wanted to watch something called "the sun" set tonight. The days are longer and warmer now so I get to go with her. Don't worry there's no crimes here tonight.......that's just my dad's vehicle. Better drive 55!

But before this is where it really started.

She has this thing about my hair and it growing in alot of directions? Boy, I liked being outside while the cool breeze was blowing through my hair. Raven and Ruby and Tom all came up one by one and we touched noses together.

The breeze felt goooooood. Mama said I might need grooming? What's grooming?

She also mentions the words like "a shag", or a Farrah-do to my dad.
They think my hair around my ears is funny.

I don't know why she keeps doing that!

But she still loves me lots!

then Thomas came creeping by trying to chase something, I can't tell right now....he's probably looking for something to bring and put on the door mat. My mom don't know that Tom loves her when he does that. She just screams loudly!

He wasn't paying me a bit of attention but I got out of her lap and looked myself. WEEEE lookie here! I'm outside too! I'm part of the pack!

Then she and my dad starting laughing at my butt.

I've got a regular drapery thing going on down yonder! Did they put Rogaine in my medicine at the hospital?

Well, I don't know but I know I like inside better but outside does have alot of new smells and sounds that keep my attention.
Oh, well, that's how it all started after our supper tonight watching the sunset on the front porch swing.
All is quiet in the country.


  1. That was awesome, what a wonderful day! I live for outside time in spring :)
    Miss Abbie is too cute for words
    Have a Blessed Easter, Peaches
    Love ya, friend.


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