Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keeping the Peace

Today is gray and gloomy, misty rain, cool, almost cold but my mama always said it would be cold until Easter whenever that falls in the year.

Miss Abbie is continuing to do well, her stitches are a little swollen today but that's because she is running and playing and jumping up and down and we try to keep her still but she is so happy to be home, and she loves to be a part of the "pack"!

You would think after a year of keeping up with World News I would stop but I feel more patriotic now than I ever have been. After watching the health care reform bill pass I realize that the effect on my career will be detrimental. That's something I've decided it's out of my control so only time will tell how the private corporations respond, how the physicians and providers will be divided and all the repercussions of the heavy taxing will be felt by all.

I turned on the TV news and see that any minute President Obama will be speaking at a surprise visit in Kabul, Afghanistan. To think, he brushed just a few days when Brandon was there at Bagram is surreal.

My committment to our troops is still there. I'm sooooooo thankful Brandon is home now and in reading the headlines, it was good timing because it's  fixing to escalate as Kandahar province is next in line for a mission. What I understand is that this will be more difficult and most likely more casualties than Marjah mission.
God bless our troops who are going to be involved in this fight. I will never forget.
Our country needs much prayer right now.

On the stitching front, my Needlework 4 system was working beautifully last night.....oh so enjoyable to stitch with but something went wacky today with it and Body Guard is fixing it now.
Hopefully I'm about 2/3 finished with This Too Shall Pass sampler by My Big Toe designer and I can't wait to stitch next A Sweet View by The Sampler Girl!!!!

In fact there are so many designs I want to stitch that I'm pure giddy right now.

If you are looking for neat freebies, visit Liberty Primitives. You will see their blog on my blog list. They have several new freebies I plan to much to stitch, so little time. They also have an ebay site and offer many good stitching products Their service and shipping is very fast too.

Well, off to sip my coffee and watch our President speak in Kabul, and keep Miss Abbie from jumping up and down in excitement of her homecoming.
Body guard is not having any luck fixing the Needlework 4 system. the problem is that the former very flexible swivel around to the back of the qsnap is now rigid and won't move.
Oh well, maybe we will figure it out. But last night I sure enjoyed it while it was working right! ;)


  1. I think we need some patriotism. I'm so glad your boy is home.

  2. Abbie's recovering, just have a deep talk with her and tell her to behave and she'll recover faster, lol. I'm happy she's playing around.
    I understand you're more patriotic right now you see the "story" with different eyes now...
    We'd like to see your cross stitch done, and start to work in the next one, you're so fast and make such incedible beautiful things!

  3. Thank you Kim so much. Yes! Glad that is over!

    Arlette, you're Abbie's godmother, I remember girlie! I whispered to her you were thinking about her!!!



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