Monday, March 29, 2010

What a Day!

What a day! It's almost midnight and we are just still talking, me and Body Guard, about the day. I got cut and color of what hair that is left from all the stress and good to go for a couple of months! LOL


My goal of getting to bed early is still not reached but maybe by the end of the week.

Today was a whirlwind of things to catch up on since being so preoccupied with other things. It was a relief in many ways and in some I felt that I was spinning my wheels.

But, all in all I did get to the quilt store and will post some fabbies for backing pretty pinkeeps or pillowkeeps, or for just any crafting on my Nest Feathers blog tomorrow because I'm pooped tonight.

Day 2 of my week off is getting more cleaning done, or at least organizing all this fabric I have accummulated and patterns that I want to keep and sort my threads. If I do that my family room will be half clean!

We called the Needlework 4 system product site and seems that there is a ball bearing that does hang up sometimes and they replaced at no problem as they know this occurs occasionally. I wonder sometimes how I end up with the odd stuff like that but it's good news that they are sending a new part to fix it!

Walmart shopping afterward included watching a 3 year old use something in his mother's purse to talk as if he were having a cell phone conversation. It was cute!

His sister in the buggy then complained of a headache, she was about 4 and said over and over she hated her brother and that no body loved her. Poor mom that was trying to get some shopping in !

Oh, I'm about ready to rest my head down. Miss Abbie has to go in to the vet tomorrow as she has an infection starting in on her incision. She is totally spoiled. Literally, spoiled rotten and she has demanded lap time quite constant when we are home.

I called the vet today and they said to bring her in tomorrow to check her. She is not eating well after her surgery and she wants to sit in my arms constantly. I finally put my PJ shirt in with her and she slept better. Otherwise it sure is hard to keep her from bothering her incision. When her ears are down more than up I know she is not quite well.

Ren is oblivious. He is tucked in bed right now after a night of roaming and trying to keep him from running into furniture. He is happy now after a chicken sandwich. He's ready for the lights to be turned out. Hey, it's midnight! LOL
Nite nite, Ren.

Till later,


  1. Awe poor Abbie hope she feels better soon.
    That pic of Ren is cute.

  2. Thanks,
    I took a quick shot right when he went to bed for the night. Abbie is still up at nearly 1am now waggin her tail wanting a back rub. What is this? a Dog spa? LOL


  3. You can tell by her ears and eyes that something is not right! Yes, a trip to the vet is in order.

    Our spayed dogs never got their incisions infected. Oh sure they'd bother it but they never got sick or more than the normal 'healing pink' color. This concerns me a great deal.

  4. Poor Abbie! Get well sweet pup! I'm glad your new Needlework system is getting fixed at no charge.

  5. Ren looks so peaceful all tucked in!

    Poor Abbie - you can tell she's not feeling well - extra thoughts and prayers for her!


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