Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring cleaning and organizing my stash today

Still doing Spring Cleaning! The 10 hours of sleep was a refreshing addition last night.  Oh, if I had 4 weeks I might get it all done.  What in the world was I doing all year?  :o

I've had a problem with Blogger this morning and can't get a header picture to remain small enough. Everything is magnified about 10,000 times larger than the pic. I stayed up late last night trying to get something in there. Even old pics from 3 years ago get HUGE! I'm going to be working on that this evening when I get some cleaning out done. So today you may see various pics of odd enlarged things till I figure out what to do.

Just a few pics around the house this afternoon.

Put some tulips in my basket.

I can see my writing desk now!

This morning first thing I planted some plants to put around the house.

Oh, but I still have many threads and projects to organize in the stitching studio upstairs. But it feels soooooo good to get organized!

Meghan painted this watercolor at one of her art lessons years ago and it hangs in the Springtime in the foyer.

I changed out my kitchen curtains to a sheer lace. I love the summer sun through these! I can see the stages of our Dogwood tree right outside the window as it blooms.

Many fabbies to still go downstairs to the sewing area. I'm addicted to fabrics. I confess. Is there a 12 step program for this somewhere?  LOL

Follow me upstairs where you'll see what I'm really working on. I'm loving how this part of the room is a good storage and organizing place for my threads and linens, frames, and needles.

I'm putting frames I've collected in the bottom drawer.

Next drawer divided for qsnap frames/parts and to the right my stitching bags

This drawer the future of linen organization. That will be another 2 hours alone.

Must I share with you this milk glass dish I found just this week/ converted to scissor fob dish. I haven't put all my little scissors in it yet but I thought it was perfect here.
The doily I got at a thrift store for 1.99! It's cotton tatted with  pink and white. LOVE IT!

The sheaths fits nicely inside it.

When I get really tired from climbing 3 stories of stairs and cleaning I will fall over on this bed with bunny for a nap!

Rearranging my sampler wall. Here are some old thimbles in my collection.

More planting this morning.

A little dish for my needles or threaders.

Here are 2 designs by the Sampler girl, Northanger Abbey on the top and another Jane Austen design on the bottom.

My upstairs stitching chair.

So, as you can see I'm busy today!  Not much stitching this week but I know the organizing will be very helpful for finding things quicker. 

Best go now and get back to Spring Stitchy cleaning!

Be Hoppy,


  1. I hate to tell you this Jennifer, but after 30+ years of stitching and stashing, I have yet to find a twelve step program for this addiction. Granted I haven't looked very hard ;).
    Your stitching room is beautiful.

    Take Care & Happy Stitching ... Sandy

  2. What a wonderful tour...I enjoyed each and every picture :) Thanks for sharing :)
    Enjoy the rest of your day :)

  3. I enjoyed the tour also. Your house is beautiful and I love your stitching room! Have a fun week!

  4. I agree! It feels good to organized.....nice to know when you want something you know where to find it and fun along the way to rediscover some of the times you have accumulated. Not sure about a 12 step program but if it means giving up that stitching the other way!

  5. Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for sharing your home with us! It is so inviting and relaxing! Can I make a reservation?

  6. Jennifer,
    Your home is lovely and I enjoyed
    seeing the rooms with the gorgeous
    furniture. I can see you have a real knack for decorating! You have
    gotten me in the mood now to get some plants.
    I had to throw out a maidenhair fern today....
    Blessings and Happy Easter!

  7. Your home is absolutely LOVELY! Thank you for inspiring me to start to "spring clean" my home tomorrow!!


  8. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the tour. I LOVE the bunny pillow. Did you make that yourself?

  9. Thanks for all the compliments...I'm blushing now.

    Second chance,
    I didn't make the pillow myself. I've had both of those bunnies since my kids were babies. This pink one was actually in her nursuery as a baby. I still love it.



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