Friday, April 2, 2010

This Too Shall Pass Frame selected

Well, it's still waiting on me to finish. I have gotten alot done this week in Spring cleaning and organizing stash and so on but no further stitching. I hope to get back to finishing this up this weekend.

In the interim, I found a frame on Ebay that I thought would look good with it. I hesitated to pick the blue but if it clashes with the blue in the design, I will look for another one.
It takes a 6 inch square frame which is hard to find in the regular thrift stores and I really didn't get to but one this week and couldn't find one.

I went with the Ebay shop I've used before so I know that they have excellent quality and shipping. You can't beat the price for the frame, glass (if you want it) and hanger.

The shop is here

The Frame Guys

I have successfully pulled a muscle in my back today and off to bed now with a heating pad.
The Energizer Bunny is winding down!

Good news: the Needlework 4 system company sent another part and it didn't work either so BodyGuard had to talk on the phone with the kind gentlemen to find a way to fix it. Then we will send back the other part. The owner was very nice and communicated well. He said there are some that have those glitch parts in them and how I got 2 of them, I'll never know!
So, that's sitting by my now cleaned up stitching chair waiting for my next sampler!

Any mailing for items will be done tomorrow morning and then I'm caught up with that.

Just a reminder that the Brandon Homecoming Giveaway is soon to end, April 5th so spread the word if you are interested in this design, Crescent Color threads and linen!
It's just waiting for someone's needle to start stitching.



  1. What a lovely frame! I can't wait to see the piece framed in it. I hope you feel better soon. As always, I can't wait to see your next new start.

  2. Golleeeee! You're even getting your framing done online now!?!?!!? I think you're turning into an onlineaholic! LOL

  3. hey Terrie!!

    I live out in the boonies and I have to do whatever is economically feasible. I do all my framing myself and either get them online or pick up some at thrift stores. I really like rambling through thrifts stores! ;)
    I don't know if I would say I'm an onlineaholic, but I think alot of folks are ordering anything more online. It's easier, you can shop for bargains and is delivered to your house. The Frame Guys shop I've ordered from them for about 2 years now. They have wonderful service, very, very good prices for the quality and they ship fast.
    They also have alot to choose from.
    I can't afford to have mine sent to a frame shop so this is what I do. Me and my hubbie frames my work when it's completed and we save alot of money that way.

    Sherry, thanks, I can't wait to get to cross stitching again. I've been cleaning all week and sorting stash. Oh my goodness at what I have! But it feels much better to get it done and now I don't have to buy multiples, etc.


  4. Ooh! I like that frame! Can't wait to see if it works! Hope your back feels better!


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