Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!!!!! Welcome 2009

Happy New Year's Eve and welcome 2009! I'm so glad to have a day off again tomorrow WOohooo!

I feel like a sponge after listening to tons of folks problems today at work and now we can relax. I fixed some cube steak and shoe string fries and carrots for supper. The pink champagne is chilling and we hope that our neighbors will join us after they eat out tonight. After I watch the evening news, I feel that life's not so bad afterall! LOL

I met a person that I hadn't seen in 20 years today. She used to keep Brandon and Meghan when they were little. She kept Brandon more and we caught up on stuff. It was really weird not seeing her for this long. Gosh, she remembers Brandon having breath holding spells and passing out from holding his breath when I would leave him for work. Let's say, he had a little separation anxiety, to say the least. She was really a good sitter and I remember the Jello snacks she made me when I was pregnant with Meghan to help with nausea. Oh my, that's been a Very , very long time!!

I guess we will shoot off the gun tonight. I got a new one for Christmas. I'll have to try it out. Its a 22. It has to be a little better than the 44. ;)

Here's to 2009!!!!!!


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