Friday, January 2, 2009

Being a parent

I guess today is a day I realized that some folks don't understand that parenting never stops. You know that feeling you get when your child is born. No body can understand that and you know it never is forgotten. Nothing severs that. And nothing stops that being a mommie or a daddie. Some folks never understand and its undescribable. I remember when both my kids were born and I will feel connected to them forever no matter what life brings whether it be marriage or kids, or moving away, or whatever. Nothing can make me terminate being a momma. Sometimes its hard for folks to understand. There is no real connection like being a momma or a daddy, that's if you want it to be. Thank God, there are mommas and daddas who still feel connected after years and years and changes and changes. No matter what.
I love my Brandon and Meghan whatever life holds. I hope for the best and I hope they know that I love them forever and ever.
This is my thought today. So many people think their responsibilities are over after marriage or college but I want my kids to know I am here always and will always be their momma.


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