Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Spirit Around the House

Every year we put up our Christmas village and add a piece or two each year. We have been collecting for about 13 years now. We enjoy it more than putting up the tree I think. This year I put it up on top of the piano and then another grouping in a bedroom with "outdoorsy" decor.

I will post some pics. At night its just beautiful to watch the little folks in the village and lights.

I also love to stroll through estate sales and somebody's basement sales sometimes and find treasures. Last weekend I found a skating pond to add to my village upstairs for about 1/10 th of the price it would have been in stores. The people skate around and it plays Christmas songs constantly that sound like handbells. This one is in the upstairs bedroom.

We live in a Dutch colonial style house and I found a house made by Dept 56 last year that looks similar. So neat!!!!!


  1. I love these villages! I am starting to collect Dept 56's North Pole and asked DH for the Twinkle Toes Academy for Christmas - fingers crossed :o)


  2. Villages are just so fun! I have some Dept 56 pieces but also have added some from Walmart. I actually got one that says "Jennifer's Craftshop" from Walmart 3 years ago. I had to get it when I saw it at
    Walmart. Your kids will love the villages. Ebay has also been a great source of some pieces as some folks just clean out their basements sometimes and give good deals.

  3. I have one this year from Michaels - the candy shop - it's so cute!!!



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