Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Found Friend

I'm off work today and really just resting as yesterday I started getting sick with a cold. As I have now resorted to taking Nyquil in the daytime and resting, I guess my lab, Raven, is concerned, so she just burst open the screen at the back porch to whine at the back door. I had opened the sliding glass doors to get some fresh air as our temps today are 65. I guess she heard me coughing and I glanced up and she was whining at the sliding glass doors. She decided to check on me and broke through the screen. She has now taken residence on the back porch rug. Labs are quite faithful to their owners.

We now have another friend who visits quite frequently and I believe he is a good dog but very very afraid to let anybody pet him. We found out he belongs to our neighbors and his name is Charlie. Even though he comes down here and plays with our dogs all the time, he still won't come near us to let us pet him. He is quite a mix of breeds I believe. I think he likes our house better than his.

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