Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thinking about the New Year

I saw this poem on the internet today and reminded me of what the New Year will bring. Shortly after the year begins, Brandon will be getting ready to go to Afghanistan. I think about it everyday. I guess its human nature for mothers to want to protect their children no matter what their age. Sometimes I know my intentions to do that didn't come across as caring; however, I hope he knows that I will always support him in whatever he chooses even though my natural instinct is to protect him in harms way. When he was little I remember buying outlet plug covers and making sure he had safe toys and protecting him from people that may hurt him. I can't do that now when he is another country in the middle of violence. Brandon, please stay safe and we will pray for you everyday. Love you, Mama


  1. Mama thats very sweet. Please dont post when I leave, what unit I am with or where I am going. Its bad for operational security, and can compromise the integrity of my mission. Thanks for the prayers!!!!

  2. I'll be praying too, whenever, wherever & unitever.

  3. yes, I know they have a website just for mothers of the military so I didn't think about posting specifics. But sometimes I just don't think, I guess.
    Oh well, live and learn.........


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