Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is Almost Here

Christmas is almost here. People are rushing and traffic took twice as long to get home from work. People are rushing around buying those last minute gifts. I avoided that last minute stuff today and will put it off until tomorrow.

I had a very busy day at work. Today made me stop and think about what Christmas is really about. I had an encounter with someone who really only wanted a hug for Christmas and that is all. She brought me a card and personalized it with special thoughts, someone who really didn't have the means to buy or shouldn't have spent the money even on a card but I knew really meant every word on the card and the hug was really probably the only one she would receive this Christmas. Do we really realize how short life really is and what Christmas is really about in 2008? I stopped to wonder about that after our encounter and will not forget it. I worry every year about getting the right thing for everybody and if it will be enough and I was really humbled today when I had this encounter to remember that its not the gift but the giver and especially the giver's heart.


  1. Preach on Sister! But it's true, year after year it seems CHRISTmas gets less & less about Christ. That hug to you was something so precious & so much more meaningful than anything money could buy @ Walmart. Afterall the gift Jesus gave us did not come with a gift receipt.


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