Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Nice Quiet Weekend

The past two days have been really quiet and I got caught up on alot of rest. Last night was kind of scarey as I found out that I must be allergic to Brazil nuts. My throat started swelling and we were kinda scared there for a while as it was difficult to swallow. But 3 Benadryl later, and I was ok but had the EpiPen out in case. I guess I haven't eaten Brazil nuts since I was about 10 years old and usually just eat cashews or pecans or almonds by themselves but no more mixed nuts that's for sure.

Today I started working on a house~~~~~ nope, no remodeling, but a new project, designer is Homespun Elegance. The colors are Belle Soi "Red Fox" and "Expresso". Being silk, they feel like butter going through the fabric. As you can see, I have a meek start but actually it took me most of the afternoon to get to this point. I think this one is neat "Home is Where You Hang Your Needlework".

I also had fun enjoying my Christmas goodies. Here are some really pretty pink pearls from Meghan and a lovely wine decanter and glasses!! We were just talking tonight about what we may do on New Year's Eve and I think we are going to invite a couple of neighbors down the street and I can use my decanter!!!! And of course, I will also have some great snacks too from Brandon!
The next few days we can all think about our New Years resolutions. What are your resolutions this year?


  1. Good to know you had an Epi pen just in case.

    Glad you're enjoying working on the XS piece. I need one that says "Store is where you hang your needlework". LOL

    Nice Stuff! Shouldn't all pearls be pink? ;)

    I have 2 resolutions. One is to get the monthly mailings out the 1st few days of the month. Oops! Would you believe I've already forgotten the other one? Guess I just have the one then. What's yours?

  2. One resolution is to absolutely take my lunch to work everyday instead of buy out. I had been doing pretty good with that one the past couple of months so I had a head start on this one.
    Two, get more organized at home and stay that way. I hope to get my basement straightened out.
    Three, attend church regularly and be more involved. I've gotten slack lately.
    Four, start a regular exercise program. We were doing well with walking 2 miles a day but since it's gotten colder we have slacked. I hope to find something I can do everyday to stay healthier.
    And Five, restart taking my vitamins every day.
    yes, PINK is my favorite color!
    Six, learn to knit.

    Hey, I just read The Sampler girls blog and she went to her LNS in her PJS for a should try that one Terrie! Can you imagine all of us in our PJS?


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