Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Feather of Grief and Pain

I believe there are certain life changing events and one is the loss of a child through death, no matter what age. It's just so overwhelmingly painful and it creates a deep pain that can be revisited forever. I know because this happened to me years ago. In my career, I also have occasion to see the devastation when someone hears the news. People ask me sometimes what are the hardest parts of my job and I will have to say this is right there close to #1. Maybe because I do revisit the pain, maybe because I can truly empathize........yesterday was one of those days............


  1. Oh how the Lord moves in magical ways. Jennifer, I read your comment on my Blog just now and popped over to your Blog to leave YOU a comment of thank you and wishing you the comfort from those Be Still words that you need. When I read your last post on your blog and it makes me cry! Just yesterday at church I was sitting behind a family who had a little girl. The little girl turned and looked at me and paused awhile and smiled. I was overcome and started crying. I had a miscarriage a year before Zack was born and the grief over that comes to me in waves throughout the year and always random. Seeing that little girl just clicked in me and I was thinking of that baby that I lost as I think deep down it must have been a girl but I don't know for certain. Anyway, reading your post it just sparked a touch in me so thank YOU and thank God to healing our hearts when they are so fragile. My boys, Ben and Zack, bring me more joy than I can say but yes, one never gets over the loss of a child so I put myself in his hands and Be Still.

    Merry Christmas, Jennifer.

  2. oh my Tanya I am trying to set up a blog now and I just saw this comment. I didn't think anyone read it yet but I wrote this along while back and haven't really started blogging but trying to start by putting more personalizations and stuff last night and today. Blogging is great. I've always like to write anyways.
    But yes, my sons name was Aaron and even though its been 23 years since I lost him, I think of him and all the would have beens. I actually collect one angel ornament a year for my tree in his memory.
    In the news, I have kept up with the Caley Anthony case and just for the life of me cannot understand how anyone could hurt that little girl. Sometimes life just doesn't make sense but there again, I did get alot of inspiration from your Be Still pattern and I am going to stitch it this weekend and put on my tree because I know that's all I can do as my son Brandon leaves in January for a year in Afghanistan with his National Guard unit.
    I love to see pictures of your kids and read your blog because you are the best mom in the world and they are very lucky to have someone as caring and creative as you. Thanks again and I will be talking to you soon........


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