Thursday, May 27, 2010

What holiday is this weekend????

Yep, I don't know if it was the barametric pressure change or the "I gotta accomplish something today" mood, or the feel-good feeling of cleaning out and finding this sampler that needed finishing. I really didn't buy this fringe for this piece. I was going to leave it plain but as I was clearing and putting away my ribbons and trimmings I saw it and thought it added a little touch.

This is Clara's Christmas Dance sampler by The Sampler Girl. It's been so long now, I can't remember what threads I used but I think this is on 32 ct cream  linen with DMC and Crescent Colors.

I know it's not Christmas but I finished this at Christmas, had big plans to make into a pillow and Christmas was a blur this past year, sooooooo~~~

I hand sewed some fringe on it and made into a pillow with a fat quarter of green to compliment the backing.

Take a look-see~~

So, I'm a little early on Christmas.

I always get off-track when cleaning that ADHD? It's just so convenient to have my sewing area by the laundry area. But it still doesn't make laundry any fun. LOL
But what's a girl to do when hubbie is snoring with Abbie in his chair and watching.....the History Channel?
Ahhhhhmmmmmm, Yawn........

EDIT:  It's full moon tonight.......that's what it is...


  1. Definitely blame it on the full moon. Your finish is so pretty Jennifer. I think that trim adds a very festive touch to it!! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

  2. Darling pillow Jennifer! I love that fringe trim, it's just perfect!!!

  3. LOVE how you finished this one, Girlie!! That is great trim.

    Tanya :)

  4. Oh I love love love this finish! You did such a wonderful job on the completion of it. The fringe is the perfect touch and really makes it pop! I love both Clara designs and hope she comes out with more of them.

  5. Gorgeous pillow! The fringe definitely works!!


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