Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Chatter

Today was my day off and it was a good one!
The weather couldn't have been any better with cool mornings and evenings, low humidity.
Oh how I wish it would stay like this.
I'm comfy and ending the evening in my wicker chaise on the back porch enjoying the cool mountain air and also a new long cushion for it. We love the back porch during the Spring and Summer months. It's like an extension of the house completely.

Happy news today that we sold our camper that had been sitting idle for 9 years now and we can fix our porches that are in so much need for attention with paint and replacing some of the old boards.
Blessings come at the best times!
We both were a bit sad at selling the camper because we had some good memories with it but now at this point in our life, we don't use it and hopefully, the new owners will enjoy it as much as we did.
It is a 1970 old Airstream camper but it needed alot of work and upkeep and since we are both quite homebodies, we let it go today and will put the money towards our own nest here.
The birds are in full song right now as the sun is setting. I'm too comfy to get pictures of it but it's pretty.
After a day of running errands and catching up a bit, I'm ready to sit my buns in a chair to stitch and watch a little Nancy Grace show. I'm still working on the With My Needle Sampler but I have so many more I want to stitch that it's hard not to start another new one right now.
Dinner tonight was shrimp fettacinni with peppers and veggies, and garlic rolls, all quite easy to make and tasty too.
Well, back to stitching. Hope your mid-week is going well.
Till later...........


  1. Dinner sounds yummy! I love that photo on your post!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing evening!

  3. Perfect day and evening...huh?

    I started stitching again today. I had missed it so.

  4. Congratulations on selling your camper! It's great when something old can net you some bucks.
    Enjoy the cool weather and your stitching. I'm sure the porch will be perfect once you get it fixed the way you want.

  5. I laughed when you said it was
    hard not to start a new stitching
    project. I thought I was the only
    one who always had 2 or 3 pieces
    going at the same time. Such fun!
    Sounds like your day was lovely.
    How is little Ren?
    Many blessings,

  6. Ren is doing well. Last night he must have gotten up and knocked over something. It set off the alarm and we were jottled out of sleep by the security system.


  7. Oh how I wish I could join you on the porch. Have another chaise available? :)


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