Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Patterns

Mail goodies that went into one of my stitching baskets......I have alot of them......but so excited to see this in the mail because I really NEED to stitch this at this point in my's by The Sampler Girl, called Mothers Prayers.
I love the fabric. When I opened it, BG  really liked this so I have so many I want to stitch at one time, I'm a bit ADHD right now.

I think of Brandon when I see this.

And Miss Abbie got a good bath when I got home in her Lavender Bliss smelling shampoo.
How do you like her patterns?  LOL
Her hair is long and thick, thick.

She is very active and doesn't like the time for me to stitch.
She will bring her "bear" and drop it on my foot to play with.
"Bear" is her new "chicken" because "chicken" completely came apart at his last washing.
Her favorite though is the laser pointer and to get some stitching done tonight BG gets her chasing the laser light around the house and then she is fully entertained for a little break.

Between her chasing her wild tail in circles and Ren walking in circles at night from dementia, it's quite a zoo here this week.
Walking in circles is definitely a pattern at our house lately.

While I'm working on the sampler With My Needle, she is dragging everything to me including her own bed and flipping it in the air, putting her toy on my foot....anything so that I will play with her.
She enjoyed a nice stroll ride again tonight and growled her little growl at all the big dogs to show them who was boss!

Well, back to this pattern for the next hour or so, until I nodd off to sleep. I'll have to admit that the ziggy lines I'm starting on are a bit harder to follow as there is no pattern to them.....reminds me of heart palpitations at this point...... ;)


  1. Funny you should post about Abbie today. I made her something and mailed it. It's nothing to do flips over but I was just thinking about her. (and you)

  2. OHHHH Auntie Parsley! ;)

    You should see her now. She is a pistol on a walk in the neighborhood but so sweet at home.
    How do you socialize them? Seriously, she yaps at everything and everybody and will not let them near me...Period.

  3. I am not sure Chihuahuas will EVER like other people outside the family. I've given up on Cookie being socialized. Snuffy is getting better in her old age and will hide under a chair to bark at people. haha

  4. My Samson was a rescue, so maybe that is why he was social. Would take him with me to car racing weekends and he was the hit of the paddock. Loved everyone and they loved him as well. Was interesting to see big tough race cars drivers go all goo-goo over Samson. When we moved to the apartment on the 17th fairway of a golf course he would sit on the cart path and golfers had to go AROUND him as they were not happy to see him 'smiling'. He only barked when people knocked on the door or when the UPS truck went down to street.

    He went to heaven in 2003 and I miss him to this day.


  5. Abbie is such a cutie pie! My cat will drag her toys to me when she wants my attention. The other morning I awoke to the sound of a bell. That animal dragged her feather teaser thingy into my room!

  6. OMW, she is such a sweet little "peachlette" that Abbie...she loves her Mama!

    Your start is great, I can't wait to see the progress as you go. :)

    Hugs, Peaches

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    Your babies are so adorable.
    Still thinking about little
    Ren. The vet told us that it
    may have been the rabies shot
    that was causing Gabe's slow
    death. She said you should
    never give vaccines to dogs
    that old. The other vet never
    told us that.
    I am at least enjoying looking
    at some of the cross stitch sites
    you have on your sidebar. I have
    more projects going than I need
    to, but alas, I am addicted to
    those little x's.

  8. Miss Abbie is just gorgeous. No wonder she is so demanding. A real prima donna. :)

    As for socializing......... I wish we were closer cause I'm sure Rory would show her how. There isn't a dog or a person that he doesn't want to play with. You should see him at the dog shows. Either leaning and staring at strangers to see who will pet him first, to play bowing with every dog who gets with in 6 inches. :)

    Though I have a feeling Miss Abbie would put him in his place real quick. :) Little dogs are known for that. LOL

  9. Abbie is so cute. I think it's funny that she likes chasing the laser pointer! Did I mention that we're getting a dog too? Yep, they wore me down and I think I have rocks in my head! LOL

    Love your new project - I think it's the perfect thing to stitch right now!


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