Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things that start with A Today

First   A is for Aloe.  A friend of mine heard me say I burned my arm accidentally this weekend on the iron while I was ironing and she brought me this Aloe plant. She popped open the end of a piece and we experimented with root medicine in practice today.  I can say it does feel much better. I put it in this little Dutch shop odd piece that I've had for a long time. I think it was a canister and the owner sold it for 2.00 instead of 30.00 because she broke the top off accidentally in the store. I immediately thought of a good planter for it. My friend says Aloe is great, not hard to take care of either.....loves the shade! Perfect!

Second A is for Arranging

During the winter we move the furniture where we can enjoy the fire. We rotate the sofa all the way to face the fireplace and really make it cozy. At the beginning of summer, we rotate all around facing the TV and the other chairs. It's a strange custom for us.....but we like it. So you can imagine all the lovely things we found under the sofa after rotating this around.....and the old joints we moved too.
BG did the moving. I did the finishing of arranging and vacuuming.

The third  A is for Area. This is the neglected area of our house that could have alot of potential. It's former owners had a large firepit in the back and then a court yard with nice flowers and rocks. I need to tend to it but we have all shade so mostly whatever grows, grows.  But one day, when they make more than 24 hours in a day, I want to really spruce it up.

This  A is for AWESOME!  I ordered my first Jane Austen DVD and can't wait to watch it! It came in the mail today.

This A is for Airish. It's quite cool out this evening on the porch. This is a spot I like to cozy up on summer evenings.

And this A is for Abigail. Not a whole lot of progress but a little stitching time tonight.

The final A is for ACCIDENT.
We  should be both quite tired. Last night/this morning......about 3am, we both shot straight up in bed when a large crash sound came from the lower level and immediately the security system went off. We have external sirens as well when this happens so everybody in a 5 mile radius probably heard it. But anyway, we could have made quite a funny commercial for the security system. Body Guard runs in jammie bottoms and gun outside the house while I'm screaming on the phone with the security system and enclosed in the bedroom. It sounded like someone burst through a window downstairs. He goes outside to chase this person down.......or to see where they entered while I stayed on the line with the company.

Finally I peeped out the bedroom door, and little Ren had gotten up from his quilt to go to the potty paper and had evidently turned over a wooden cornice board we had propped to the side and when it hit the hardwood floor this set off the downstairs like someone broke a window.

Needless to say the little criminal was completely oblivious to all sirens and alarms and survived not getting hit in the head with a board on the way to his potty paper.
Case solved.  LOL
It's funny now.....but not at 3am.
But a great fire drill.......


  1. Sometime I'll have to tell you the story of the attacking camels.

    Poor Ren...the little criminal ;-)

  2. Don't you just love those little family accidents - there no one is hurt - after the fact. Glad Ren was OK

    Happy Stitching!

  3. How Lucky you are that the accident had only been an anecdote.

  4. I know Ren's accident is now a funny story but I'm sure you were quite frightened! While reading it, I just knew the ending was going to be 'a bear'! We live near Fort Mountain and we have friends up there who have had a bear get inside of their house. She
    chased it out with a broom -- just to let you know in case this should happen to you!!
    Oh, I love the reaarranging and I
    would love to have your rattan chaise to stitch in!
    Best wishes...

  5. I'm sure at the time the accident was scary but it does make for a funny tale after the fact. :)

    I hope your burn is healing nicely with the aloe.

  6. I can so picture the chaos of the accident and can only imagine how you felt before you discovered what really happened!! Just glad poor Ren was okay!

    I thought it was going to be the bear!

    Hope your burn is better! I remember burning my arm on the iron and my grandmother poured pickle juice on it!! I smelled like a pickle, but the vinegar took the sting out!

  7. Hi Jennifer! Fun to see your start to Abigail. I see you started down with her name. I think you could not wait to put it on the

    The version of Persuasion that you bought is my favorite. I find Ciarán Hinds just so sexy as Capt. Wentworth. And Amanda Root IS Anne. Have fun watching it!

    Your room is warm and welcoming. We too move our couches to the woodstove in autumn and winter and then the garden in spring and summer. That must have been frightening to hear that alarm. Glad it was not a real burglar.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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