Sunday, May 23, 2010

Watching the sunrise in the mountains, Sunday morning

Hardly ever do I watch the sunrise here. I'm either busy getting ready for work or sleeping.
But this morning I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep so at sunrise I took a stroll along the side porch to get these.

I couldn't get the pictures to capture it as beautiful as it was. There was a dense heavy fog that the sun was beaming though and the color through all that fog was breathtaking.

Still standing off my side porch and focusing closer.

I looked back and saw the sun then beaming on some of our roses. These are my favorite climbing ones, of course, in pink.

Their tiny buds promising to open soon.

into these.

And I thought through the singing birds I did feel a presence of something.........peeping at me, quietly, waiting for his breakfast.

Thomas, still standing still, knowing I was just doing my thing and that he would surely get his breakfast soon if he posed by his empty bowl.

Then I looked back and the reflection off of the pond with the fog in the background illuminating the trees, reassured me of many things.

Psalm 104:31-32 NLT

31 May the glory of the Lord continue forever. The Lord takes pleasure in all He has made!

32 The earth trembles at His glance; the mountains smoke at His touch.

The mountains of Sautee, Ga., Sunday morning.


  1. Beautiful sunrise!
    Lovely roses!
    Handsome Thomas!

  2. breathtakingly beautiful, you are truly blessed

  3. Very beautiful pictures! Love the kitty and the verse!!

  4. Very nice pictures!
    Happy Whit Sunday!

  5. Lovely!!! Thomas is beautiful.


  6. So very peaceful...all of them... Faye

  7. Beautiful pictures, lovely roses and Thomas sure know how to poise for the camera. Enjoy the day !

  8. Beautiful sunrise and handsome cat

  9. What a beautiful way to begin your day!

  10. What a sweet baby. I definitely know how you feel.

    Sunrises and roses... what a great end to a day.

    Thanks for the kindness you have shown me today.


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