Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thrills!

Today was a good day, nice and steady at work and then some mail goodies when I came home.
I did get to stitch Abigail's name on the sampler at lunch hour and will post progress when I get a bit more done.

A quick surprise from Aunt Parsley was in the mail addressed to Abbie. Isn't it sweetly wrapped?

Guess what's inside?

A homemade toy by Aunt Parsley in Oklahoma. We all loved it, Parsley!!!
We call it the Rainbow toy, and she really played a long time with it.

She immediately took it to "her" sofa spot near our chairs.

And wanted to play again!

Thank you, Auntie Parsley!

And then I got this from The Sampler Girl. My first needleminder. I picked the Beehive for summer.
And her new design, Open Windows.

And it's neat because it holds my needle on my pattern holder on the Needlework 4 system:

So how was your Thursday?
It's clouding up now and hearing that we are going to have rain through the Memorial Day weekend......but that may always change you know as the weather in the South goes.
Well, back to cleaning up and laundry........


  1. So nice to see her wagging tail. Did she really take to it? Our dogs like the fleece toys I twist for them but I wasn't sure about her. She is a 'princess' with particular she should be.

    Just a little 'hello' from me. Told you it was 'silly'. :-P

    Love ya!

  2. She really took to it very well!!!! Loved it!
    Thank you for being so thoughtful!
    She is a princess but boy can she be a little grouch when she meets the neighbors. She senses something in them that scares her. In fact, our walk was shortened last night as they kept poking their fingers in the stroller till she pottied on herself everywhere. I was upset and came back home. Had to wash her and clean out the entire thing. Tonight, we aren't strolling in the neighborhood.
    Just chillin' and she's fine but it was so traumatic last night for her.


  3. It looks like it was a really great day in your part of the world. Abbie looks like she really took to her new toy, and love your pattern and the needleminder!

  4. She looks so happy with her new toy! Nice work Parsley!!! :D

  5. What a great toy!!

    I love that needleminder!! I have to put one of those on my list!


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