Saturday, May 29, 2010

Feathers in the Nest Volume 4 book

Another volume of Feathers in the Nest published by Sharedbooks.

It's been quite some time, I think, last August when I published the first volume.
Of course, these are not sold but just kept for cherished writings for personal use. They are a bit costly if you blog with alot of pictures and there is limit to so many pictures per publication. So, I went back from March 1 until this week for this volume. When I save enough money for the one before I will publish it.
I am really impressed by the quality of the paper and picture clarity, organization, etc of it and pleased with this second one just as much. The front of the book, I picked out a picture I took in a town in South Ga. (can't remember the name) and had hubbie pull over so I could see it. Very unusual to me.

click on this link above if you want to publish your blog for personal memories!
It's a great way to capture your thoughts for years to come.


  1. Jennifer, this is beyond cool! I'd never heard of doing this before--how great!

  2. Love it! And a wonderfully written dedication too.

  3. OH MY! What a wonderful idea! That's such a neat way to remember your blog.


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