Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here''s an organic paper shredder

Next time I'm away in another room reading and I have this haunting instinct to start a new stitching project for this weekend, I will do it immediately.

 Heard of Mother's Intuition, right?  

 Well, I kept getting this thought to get up from my reading and start a certain project, Mother's Prayers by The Sampler Girl and upon entering the room, I found this, along with a snoring husband:

She already started it for me. Of all patterns because I love, love this one!

It could have been worse but still.......I never leave my patterns out but I think I forgot to put this one up higher than doggie level after taking a pic of it this week. I know it was my fault for leaving it too low for her to get too.
I'm pretty sure I can tape it back. Hopefully she didn't swallow any grid lines in between.

I've had a stitching lag this week. Work has been busy and when I come home, I'm either reading or asleep so this is all I have on the With My Needle sampler by Heartstring Samplery. I need to pick up speed. I'm off through Wed. so I'm happy to say I'll have some extra time.

Is that not a guilty look?  

I live and learn every day.


  1. Poor baby. She needs fiber! LOL

  2. Oh, it is a guilty look for sure...
    but so, so precious. You simply
    can not be mad at that face!

  3. LOL, I have one of those too!

    Aunt Parsley is right...girls need their fiber ;)


  4. LOL! It's amazing the ways pets get our attention. I went to pull out one of my travel caddies from under the sink this morning and found something spilled. Well, I picked up the Woolite bottle and lo and behold there it was---2 puncture marks! Darn cat!! She must have thought it was a toy (or I should have put it up as soon as I got home with it).

  5. Ahh, yes. I remember my "son's" puppy days like they were yesterday. He used to escape from his first kennel while I was at work and he chewed up the binding and cover on one of my accounting textbooks. Now he's a well adjusted 9 year old who has full run of the house all day and night. He's too smart to mess with Mommy's stitching now since he knows Daddy gives him treats for staying away from it.


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