Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Few To Remember that served our country

This is Body Guard's dad on the right, James (Jim)Dalenberg
Picture from when he was serving in World War II.
I think this was his battle buddy.

There is a plaque in the South Holland Library, downstairs Historical Society collection with his name on it.

I took many pictures on that trip to Chicago and I'm so glad I got these. We did get permission from the historical society to take these pictures, FYI.

The fellow in the black leather jacket......that's my hubbie looking at that uniform.

I was distracted by this:

Another family member in World War I

Of course, I couldn't help but remember our nurses on the missions. So I snapped this pic of the uniform.
This was back when nursing was really what nursing is about. I wish we could capture this dedication in this generation.

Miss Cornelia Dalenberg, BG's aunt, Jim's sister, was a missionary nurse that served many years.

Mostly in Saudi Arabia. She wrote a book, Sharifa, about her life and experiences over in the area, right where we are still fighting today. The Persian Gulf. We have a copy of this book and it's phenomenal to read because not much in their culture has changed over in the Holy Land in 100 years, really not anything at all when you read of her encounters. She served as a midwife for a King over there. What an honor.
She never married and dedicated her whole life to mission work.

And of course, here is my son, Matthew Brandon, named specifically because Matthew means "a gift from God". He just served in Afghanistan and thankfully, oh so thankfully, did not give his life there but did worry us alot. This was me taking his pic at his pinning ceremony in Columbus, Ga. --Fort Benning
Believe, me, it's a mixture of pride and complete terror, when your baby boy is in uniform.

Haven't heard from him like he said he would call us since the day he got back from Afghanistan. We are very proud of him as a soldier. As a son, who I thought loved me very much and raised, we are certainly dissapointed in his recent actions. I sincerely hope he can overcome those areas that challenge him emotionally. He left to deploy with alot of anger and didn't respond to any of his letters or packages we sent. In fact, the LT. told us finally that he wrote a formal letter that he was abandoned at birth and had not seen us in 6 years, and had been married for well over a year. The only truth was that he had been married. At first I was shocked. Then, I had to laugh as I remember quite readily our 22 years together.....from day 1 wiping butt to carrying to school and forever getting him out of trouble. I remember when he was 12 and the school called on the last day for his MMR shot which he had to have to be in school. He begged me to home school him in the back of the car while 3 of my nurse friends and I had to embrace him to give him this shot at the health dept.  Oh, my!  Where did that come from? 
 We sent plenty of pics and they were shocked and very apologetic. 
Again, we are so proud as a soldier and hope that the enotionally challenging issues certainly resolve if not only in his heart. That has to be hard to carry around such imaginations that are not real.

And this is my hubbie. He served in 2 wars being in the Reserves and retired 2003.
Our first year of marriage, he was called up for 9/11 to serve for one year.
Another frightful year indeed. But we made it through.

Maybe it was that kinda look right there that got me every time! LOL  Then,when he came back from that tour facing 2 young teens to stepfather and a  wife, his first one at age 44, he probably thought being in Reserves was better. LOL


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    First of all, I hope and pray that your relationship with your dear son repairs very soon. Such heartbreak.

    Secondly, our common tie has me reeling. There is a picture of Aunt Weed (that is what we call Cornelia Dalenberg); and I am sure your husband knows her by that name too. I love the book Sharifa! I only wish I was smart enough in my younger years to get all of the stories straight from Aunt Weed.

    I have a very special picture of Aunt Weed taken during that time when she was on a furlough in Holland. I will try to take a pic of it with my Iphone and email it to you. I also have one of the whole Dalenberg clan when Aunt Weed was a little girl. My great-grandma, Eva Dalenberg, is her sister and is in the picture too. She died in 1972 I think. Aunt Weed lived many more years after that. My Grandma, Cynthia Jacobs, was one of the main founders of the South Holland Historical Society!
    I was in South Holland yesterday!

    Just had to tell you since we have such parallel running ties.....

    Hope you have a great stitching weekend. I am off to work on Joyeaux Noel by Blackbird Designs.

    laura duet

  2. Hey Jennifer ~

    I pray you and your son are able to mend your relationship ~ I have two daughters and have had more than my share of heartbreak with them.

    I just found your blog a few days ago and love it! I live just outside of Athens in Winder ~ where are you located?

    You do beautiful work and I love your finishes.

    Be of good cheer!
    Lauralee >^.^<

  3. Hey Lauralee,
    We live between Cleveland and Helen, Ga. almost near Sautee.
    It's beautiful here, we moved here back in 2001 when I got remarried.
    Thank you so much for the compliments. I usually stitch a little faster but lately have had a lag but I do love writing and photography too and sharing my experiences as I can.

    Today I'm working on a sampler called Mother's Prayers by The Sampler Girl. Our dog Abbie almost ate the whole pattern last night but she emailed me another one so I'm just getting alot of R and R and stitching this weekend.

    Windner is not too far away! It's a small world!

    And to Laura! girl, we do live some of the same life! I shared your post with my hubbie who does remember you. Yep, he always called her Aunt Weed. I would have loved to meet her but I didn't meet BG until 1996 and we married in 2001.


  4. I thank your family that have served our country.

  5. What a wonderful tribute and post. Such memories you have to share. I will continue to pray for your son.


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