Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sneak peak. Small project. Big colors.

So, I picked up a small project that I hope to finish tomorrow.
I'll add it to my basket of smalls this month.

It's 12:30am now and I'm still awake. Medicine to help but somehow my body fights it and I end up staying up anyway, maybe not quite coherent and humerous, scarey. This morning, I found a note in my email -----from myself-----to myself------thanking myself for all the kindness and and the colors of floss sent to me. I laughed when I saw it.
Ok, I think I emailed Jennifer H., that was who gave me those beautiful Belle Soie Silks but evidently I mailed myself one too. Now that is tired.

Wired and tired.

I'm guilty of being an avid Ebayer to find the best prices as I can for stash, even though I do also order online through some shops. You just have to in this economy today.
This week I found a great deal on a pile of linen, in various colors, 32 count, most larger pieces for the price of 1 small piece at a retail shop. I couldn't resist.
I saw this Antique Green 32 count and started substituting out some of the DMC colors for a few of the silks I got this week from sweet Jennifer H. I couldn't wait to use those colors. I also used a beautiful Red Current from Crescent Colors that is so complimentary to the antique green.
I'll save the designer and name until I finish this time. It's a small so a quick finish and I swear I will get finished with Emma then. My frame is in the mail, so time is of the essence. I work under pressure.

At first I thought I would never use this green color for anything and then an idea popped in my sleepy head last night.
Stay tuned. I love smalls. They just give that sweet quick sense of accomplishment that I sometimes need and also serve as gifts too.
Well, I better try to get at least 5 hours of sleep ........this morning.
Nite nite, stay warm.........I think it's too cold for bed bugs to bite! LOL



  1. Great minds must think alike! My best stitching and knitting takes place in the middle of the night. I too suffer from insomia but since I retired six years ago I don't worry about it. Should send you my phone number for those middle of the night conversations! My husband sleeps like the proverbial rock and never hears a thing.

    Sandy in NJ

  2. I think that small projects are wonderful. I just wish I could get myself to stitch them. I always pick out those BAPs!! Hope you finally got to sleep. You sound like me - a night owl.

  3. Lovely start! And I'm with you about finding the best deals on stash and everything else for that matter.

  4. Too cool on the ebay linens. I love getting a great deal. I love your blog header pic!!! that is so cute!

  5. I like staying up late and stitching too. There is something about late night stitching


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