Monday, February 8, 2010

Yep, starch is the answer

I like to iron. I know that's crazy. I don't like to do laundry but I like to iron, so my only choice besides tossing this fabric to the side was to try this. I thought, what could it hurt? If it scorches, it'll be more "primitive"! (just joking)

And it seems to put some mojo back in the fabric.

I just sprayed alot of starch on the back side of the linen and steam ironed the heck out of this fabric and it is muuuuuuuuch better. It doesn't look stretched out all wonkers now.

However, I won't steam it after I finish with that red overdye NOT colorfast floss...........wouldn't that be a mess?

It's a huge piece as you can tell so I need to cut it down to size but really, try starching the back of your linen. It's not as stiff as R and R linen but not as limp as a rag either.
I know I'm weird.......LOL

I'm not so sure on this Premium floss though. I read back through it and it says that it can be used only 1 thread over 2 from 28-32 count fabrics. This is 32, marginal for coverage but
I need to focus on getting the other one finished before I stress over this so............I can see how it would be nice for maybe a 36 or 40 count but.........I'll sleep on it. Not literally, or I'd have to re-iron it........LOL
I'll put my starch up and save it for ironing lab coats tomorrow.
Hubbie probably thinks I've lost my mind by now but hey, it keeps my mind off all the Afghanistan stuff, so delimmas are good sometimes............. ;)
Speaking of Afghanistan, the news in the past few days is the big NATO buildup for the biggest battle since 2001 and they've already named it. The Battle of Marjah. They are bracing up to invade 80,000 people and I can only imagine that they will be running out of the province like a hornet's nest to other provinces so I'm very concerned. No. I'm very worried.
No, I'm extremely stressed over this.
Scarey. Says it's imminent and they are warning family of high casualties with this one. "The country is braced for a surge in casualties". Not good.
So ironing the heck and running up and down the stairs tonight is a good stress reliever.
Tomorrow I'm off and I plan to look at the correct episode of the Emma conclusion part 3..........I watched Jane Austen Regrets instead by acccident but........again, it was a good movie, so I'm glad they put these online. With my new lap top, they really play well.
And so does The Young and the Restless........from time to time, I like to lose myself into replay episodes of Victor and Nickie Newman, the couple that has been apart and then together about 52 times in 30 years. LOL
Till later,


  1. I feel so bad. I have not heard about this current situation in Afghanistan. I am praying for your son and all of the troops. And for you that your heart and mind can find peace throughout this time.

  2. Thoughts and prayers headed your way!!

    Glad you found the solution with your starch - I'll have to remember that!


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