Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sun is back, the sun is back!

Well, the sun is out and thawing out the earth this morning. This picture actually was taken last Saturday when ice was still on the branches and the chunks of ice were falling in the air.

But the sun is welcome anytime as far as it goes with me and it makes a huge difference in my mood.

Speaking of mood, yesterday I heard on the TV that 1 ounce of dark chocolate per day is actually good for women because it helps improve serotonin, the happy chemical in our brains.
I've read that it is also full of magnesium and this also helps with moods, so now you know the secret behind chocolates! just joking. Most of you probably have heard that before but in case not, just wanted to let you know. I need to eat lots of chocolates.

Actually I started the morning off with another home-made, concocted cafe mocha with cream so maybe that counts.

I'm fixing to get started picking up and cleaning again. How 2 adults make such a mess, I will never know but it's an endless thing that interrupts my stitching time!
I think today I may mosey out from this cabin fever after my cleaning and see what I can rumble through. I especially am in the mood to go through a thrift store or antique store for frame-shopping.

Late last night I worked on Emma sampler again. The original frame I had in mind, I think as I stitch, will not work or compliment the colors as much. I may just have to rumble through some old frames and see if I can find a chippy one that will bring out the colors better.

Then, later we are going out to eat instead of eating in. It's been a long time since we have eaten out so I'm ready. No kitchen cleaning is the best thing to lead to more stitching on Emma tonight during the Emma Part 3 on PBS at 9-11pm.

So don't forget to watch the final conclusion!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday of rest and it's filled with cozy thoughts!

till later,


  1. The sun is out here too and we are almost dug out from all the snow! Yippee!

    I am awaiting the final part of Emma - but may have to watch later in the week if my men won't give up the Superbowl! Somedays it's harder than others to be the only girl in a family of 5!

  2. It's sunny out here in Ontario Canada too. It is a real mood lifted after all those heavy gray clouds and rain. I love chocolate too, especially the dark kind.


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