Friday, February 12, 2010

A Frosty Friday in North Georgia mountains

Long, long day.
Got home about 7pm. I had to drive at a snail's pace tonight.

The day started out ok and by the time I got to work, I was full of cafe mocha from home with a dip of cool whip and the temp was a little above freezing.

I jammed with the 80s and 90's channels for adrenaline. At my destination, Michael Jackson was playing on the 80's.

Then a quick click to Duran Duran, Come Undone in the 90's. I LOVE satelite radio!
Makes me feel young again! :0

Somewhere in between 8:30am and 4 pm and no lunch, the weather turned for the white stuff, coming down hard starting about 2ish. This didn't stop anyone from seeing the gynecologist today. LOL Yep, its that Valentine check-up.........the love bug check.
so on the way home, sliding on the road, I decided I was very hungry and turned into Walmart. Big mistake.
Never go to Walmart hungry. I had that nesting feeling of buying milk and bread and snacks, and wings, and crackers, cheese, dip, drinks, on and on, topping the day off with buying myself a houseplant for Valentines. They were too pretty to resist. ;)
Guess what? In the meantine, Bodyguard had the same idea and we didn't communicate and between the two of us we have enough food to last 2 months now. He also went to the grocery store....the other one.
I always buy alot of groceries when I go. And if it snows, more.
And, guess what? when he met me at the top of our iced road, sliding over, hoping we would be able to get out, but not lucky, I held on to his hand walking in boots to the car.
He loves storms. He loves emergencies, so his generators have been tested, he planned how we got into the road, and sighed deeply when I told him I had a trunk of groceries!
When I put the groceries up, I figured out why he sighed......he had also filled the refrigerator. We have 5 half gallon milks now. (We buy half gallons because it's hard for me to pick up the full gallon ones).
he got me Valentine flowers too! We laughed.
And through my ride in the country it was getting dark, but I took my camera with me this morning, predicting a bit of snow, but not knowing it would be this much.

The temp in the car was now below freezing and the roads were very treacherous. No salt trucks have been out yet.

Yep, only I would take pics riding down the road, driving with my knee on the steering wheel in icey weather listening to Duran Duran again.

Oops, a little slip and slide here.

About this time, I called Body Guard. He says the road to the house is almost impossible to go up.
But, I weaved through highways and then the ice ruts grew smaller with the roads until there were none and I crossed my fingers on the long road to the house. Now we are in for the weekend.
I fixed a pizza, a huge pizza, the deli kind and fed the chi's and now just taking a breather.
The cat is in the basement now and lounging on a sofa.
Ren has turbaned in his blanket after supper.
Abbie and me played "chicken 1 and 2" game of fetch and throw until she was tired.
Now, listening to world news and stitching in a second.
We have more snow predicted Sunday and all of Monday with the temps not rising above freezing so, Monday morning will be interesting. We tried to drive the car back up the drive and it's spinning to nowhere.
So, cabin fever begins.
Did somebody just say the phrase Global Warming on the news?


  1. Jennifer,
    So glad you made it home safe! I can't believe the weather this year! They said on the news that 49 of the 50 states have snow on the ground - how crazy is that!!
    Great minds think alike and at least you and BG are well prepared for a weekend in!

    Stay warm and stitchy!

  2. Glad you got home safely! Hope you are able to stay in, be warm and cozy and get in a good amount of stitching this weekend!

    Robin in Virginia, where we are still digging out!


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