Friday, February 12, 2010

What's occupying my mind lately?

Busy at work, even though looming snow clouds are covering the gray earth here. Snow is supposedly to start this afternoon so we are working hard to get in work done through lunch and mid afternoon before the fast-moving storm will hit the mid-upper Georgia area. Still worried about the top headlines of this looming big battle in Afghanistan. Like I said before, this is such a mess!

I can't wait to get home and snuggle by the fire with my stitching. I almost finished the little sampler and have the perfect old frame I found at a thrift store yesterday. I will have lots of thrift store find pics later this evening.

Remember that tomorrow is the last day for the Valentine Give-away. Not sure why more people didn't post for it because it's a beauty! The earrings alone are certainly worth it. They are sterling silver and oh, so Irish......just like Katie Scarlett O'Hara!! Don't miss out and see the side bar to post.


  1. We already got the snow--11.8 inches! And this is Dallas, TX! I thought I had escaped WI. It's supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow so it will definitely melt

  2. Hi Jennifer! When I saw the weather at lunch today (and after hearing there was snow in MS and AL)they said northern GA was going to have snow, and I immediately thought of you. Tho by now, it is not so strange like it would be for my sister near Meridian, MS! I did not enter your giveaway because I cannot possibly take on another BAP chart! And... I do not have pierced ears! I am even giving away some charts on MY blog... come visit! You are in my thoughts daily.



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