Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It is so cold that..........

This is a pic from the internet of Switzerland. However.............................

Today in Georgia, snow fluttered across very faintly with a flirting 36 degrees when I left work.
Now, about 29 degrees and no snow but it's so windy and cold I bet the wind chill is below O.

So, I thought that I really couldn't complain as many, many people have too much snow.
But I thought it would be interesting to get your experiences all over the

I'll leave it up to you to complete the sentence....

It's so cold outside that________________________.
I usually __________ and now I have to __________.

I know this is wide open for all the cabin fever can let it out!

I'll start it by saying:

It's so cold outside that I get dizzy when walking out in the wind.
I usually go without a coat and now I have to wear one even with hot flashes.


  1. It's so cold outside that I am threatening to move to the equator. I usually go barefoot and now I have to wear socks!

    (not what I would call hysterical. My first thought for the "I usually..." may be a bit offensive so I chose a more polite comment)

  2. It's so cold outside that everything is frozen solid.
    I usually pick up mushy dog poo and now I have to pick up rocks.

    Sorry...couldn't resist. Unlike Jules, I couldn't be polite when reality is what it is.

  3. I think ya'll are hilarious!
    Yep, I could put a few unpolite words in there too..........

    Parsley, at least your dogs go outside, my dogs won't. They go on the pee pads if we are lucky. Ren acts like he is in total shock if we take him out. He has no hair for one thing...LOL
    Abbie has never set foot outside.


  4. It's so cold outside that I am growing desperate to move back to Arizona!
    I usually enjoy barbecues and mild temperatures in the winter and now I have to wear a scarf and gloves and watch where I step so I don't fall on the ice!!!

  5. It is so HOT outside that everything is melting and no it is not snow. I usually have just a fan going and now I have to put on the aircon.

    As you can tell it isn't winter here but summer

  6. It's so cold outside that my fingers are freezing even inside the house. I usually wear slippers and t-shirts and now I have to add socks, sweater and jeans to try to stay warm here in northeast SC.
    Since I just moved here from Ohio in late Oct this weather shouldn't bother me but when you have reverse menopause (no hot flashes - hands and feet freezing)this cold should not bother me but...

  7. It's so cold outside that the snow won't melt! I usually get the mail in my flip-flops, but now I can't even find the mailbox!

  8. It's so cold outside I don't want to go to my cross stitch store! A stitcher not want to go to a cross stitch store? Now that's cold! LOL Ok, even though I own it ;)

    I think the Switzerland picture is staged though. The trees in the background do not have ice on them. But still, a cool picture! Get it, cool picture? Downright cold picture!


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