Monday, January 18, 2010

Abbie's shot day

Snoozing along after a day of shots. She's pretty tired.
While she is sleeping after supper, on her treat, I will show you her spots that came up this past
month. I found this "kitten cot" at Target today at lunch. It's tiny and perfect for her to sleep
on. She likes it. She has all her toys around her and now stretching out for an after-dinner nap.
She has a little pink lipstick on her forehead where I kissed her when I came home....LOL

I know Abbie is extra tired when she is sleeping on a treat. Vet says now is the time to get her "fixed". I'm so unsure about that. Don't you think Abbie would make pretty puppies one day? I can't convince Body guard of that at all!
Those spots are just in the funniest place to me. She's getting a third one right by her tail now.
Oops, she's waking now and ready for play time! I spoke too soon. Now it's "See Spot Run time"
On Ren's record, by the way, they have him upcoming for a Chlamydia vaccine next time. Somebody please let me know how dogs get Chlamydia! OMG! I had to read that twice. I had to laugh. I think Ren is pretty much not going to get Chlamydia. LOL



  1. Oh sweet Abbie! I love that new kitty bed - perfect for a pup her size!

  2. Poor puppy after her shots. At least mom and dad know how to spoil her. I love her spots.

    You've GOT to be kidding about the STD vaccine! Please! People around here don't even get their dogs 'fixed'. No way they'd give their dogs that vaccine if they don't do doggie birth control!

  3. Oh... Poor baby Abbie !! Give her lots of kisses !!

  4. I hope she feels better soon. I also suggest that you go to a shelter and see how many Chi's are sitting in metal cages before you think about breeding her. Seriously, 4 million homeless animals are euthanized every year. Please don't contribute to the problem.

  5. Oh my word, she is just too sweet! My baby girl has freckles and is getting more as she ages. What a lovie Abbie is. I have never heard of an STD in dogs, I want to know where Ren is hanging out, he's down by the docks with sailors on shore leave again, isn't he? ROFL!

    Hugs, peach melba

  6. Abbie is just adorable. And I love her little bed. Just perfect.

    And I would ask the vet if further vaccines are really necessary at poor old Rens age. Unless he travels or spends time at a kennel with other dogs there may not really be a need for the shots. I know my vet goes that route. Especially for cats.

  7. Abbie is just so sweet looking! I think she would make adorable puppies some day - as long as she finds an appropriate mate!

    I'm still pondering the vaccine for poor Ren! Is he really out running around the neighborhood when you aren't looking?

  8. Sometimes I wonder if those vets just tell you things to get you to spend money. Chlymdia indeed!

  9. Poor Abbie, spoil her, most than she's!. I'm really sure Abbie's going to have the precious puppies, don't fix her, she's still a baby!, if you want her to get fixed wait at least until she reaches her first year old. I think the vet's trying to take your money, I don't think Ren needs the vaccine either!


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